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Big girl panties: ON

Today started the first day in a very new journey for me:
This girl put her big girl panties on and went to grad school today!
Holy geeze.
Today was my first day as a student in the Masters of Kinesiology program at LSU. Unreal.

Of course, Mama Nancy texted me first thing in the morning to wish me good luck at my first day of classes, to mind my manners, say "yes sir", don't eat paste and don't run with scissors. Just like every first day of class for the past 23 years. A creature of habit that lady is.

Being me, I was way nervous about the first day. I'm notorious for doing stupid things when they're the very least convenient. 

Thankfully, I made it through the day without:
-being late
-falling on my face
-ending up in the wrong classroom
-saying anything stupid (this is dependent on who you ask)
-doing anything stupid
-running with scissors
-eating paste
-forgetting my manners

Ace for the WIN!

Also, I guess I should announce that I've secured an internship under Olympian Matt Bruce as an Olympic Lifting coach! I started last week and I feel like I've gotten an awesome opportunity to learn so much about this sport that I already love.

Matt Bruce and Kendrick Farris are my favorite olympic lifters and Kendrick Farris has started an "urban lifting" movement. Basically people doing awesome olympic lifts in everyday places. So I joined in! Olympic liftin' at work, yo! 

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