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Being Team Del

Ever known a person that was everyone's friend? Well liked, honest, trustworthy, funny, an all around good person.

For us at Taylor High School in Katy, Texas, that guy was Dimitri del Castillo. Dimitri was an athlete at Taylor and also well liked by everyone. This guy never met an enemy. After graduation, Dimitri attended West Point, where he played rugby and was commended for being an excellent soldier and student. Of course he was. There was never any doubt.

Dimitri became an Army Ranger and toured as per his obligation to the United States Army. He met a beautiful girl named Katie and married her.

On June 25, 2011, during a tour in Afganistan, Dimitri's unit was attacked by enemy forces using small arms fire. Dimitri was on the radio calling for help to save the men in his unit when he was hit himself. Dimitri died with the mic in his hand.

Del was a compassionate, dedicated, lover of life. He was a brave man, a friend to all that knew him, a brother, a son, and a husband. Even in death, Dimitri continues to help others.

A scholarship in Dimitri's name has been established for families of Army Rangers who wish to seek higher education. Through this scholarship and in the memory of those that love him, his memory lives on.

In honor of Del, CrossFit.com released the following workout:
25 burpees
400 m run with 25# med ball
25 pullups with 25# dumbell
400 m run with 25# med ball
25 handstand pushups
400 m run with 25# med ball
25 chest to bar pullups
400 m with 25# med ball
25 burpees

My box, Red Stick Crossfit, is hosting the hero WOD "Del" THIS SUNDAY at our box. If you're in the south Louisiana area, especially in Baton Rouge area, please come out and participate so that we can make a sizeable donation to Del's scholarship and honor his memory.

If you want to participate but are too far away, you can donate by visiting www.ranger.org > USARA Scholarships >1LT Del Castillo Scholarship and clicking the Donate button. No donation is too small.

If you get a chance, celebrate this hero and do the WOD at your respective boxes. Sacrifice some time and a little pain for this incredible soldier who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

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