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My very first link up! Finishing the Sentence with Jake and Holly!

I've never done a link up before, but I'm doing one now! 
I love Holly's blog. She's pretty hilarious and I love reading her stuff. Plus I dig that she loves a clean house and a good bottle of beer. You can visit Holly's blog here.

Equally funny and my very favorite boy blogger: Jake! He's hilarious, too, and has an awesome boy perspective on things. You can visit his blog here.


My best friend says…that I need to move back home. She also thinks that I stress myself entirely too much and I work too hard. She can't wait for me to come visit for our other friend's bachelor party.

People call me… on the phone, mostly. 

The best part of my day… is the moment approximately 7-12 minutes after I take my preworkout and my face starts tingling. That's how I know it's GO time.

I really don't understand… the concept of requiring pantyhose in the workplace. Is it 1962? No? Then let me wear my bare legs. Ugh. Just thinking about wearing pantyhose for 8 hours everyday makes my teeth itch.

I get really annoyed… when people don't understand the concept of whispering. It's a WHISPER. It's not supposed to be heard clear as a bell from across the room. Also when people don't understand that brassieres are not appropriate shirts. I don't care who you are. Unless you're Selena. In which case, please, continue.

There's nothing like a… thick, juicy steak cooked rare.

Lately, I can't get enough… sleep. Seriously, 3 jobs is taking its toll. I'm averaging 21 hours a week. This is not a good thing.

One thing I am NOT is… emotional. I'm just not. I never have been. Also, while not an asshole, I'm often perceived to be because I am not emotional. It's an unfair cycle of behaviors.

I spent too much money on… nail polish. And I can't figure out why because I get my damn nails done. Ugh.

I want to learn…. how to swim! One day, I swear I will. Until then, I will fake it 'til I make it.

If I ever met Jake in real life , I would… probably ask to be hooked up with his brother.

I can't stop… cursing. I can't do it. It's like I have tourette's…except everything I say is completely intentional and I mean it. I just can't stop myself from saying it.

Never have I ever… skipped school. Ever. I'm a nerd and a goody two shoes. Kind of.

Reese Witherspoon... is f*cking awesome. Did you see her mugshot? All demure and secretive and ladylike. And she threw a total bitchfit and Atlanta PD still gave her a hat. She's my new hero.

Hooray for linkups! 

In other awesome news: guess who ranked in the top 10 sales people in her REGION for last month's sales? Oh yeah, THIS GIRL. I might be tired as hell, but I'm clearly working my ass off. Hopefully my paycheck reflects that.

In even better news: there's currently a giveaway going on! Hells yeah. You can get THIRTY-NINE (that's one less than 40) entries to win by visiting the post here.

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