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Monday's Saturday Shakedown

I meant to post this over the weekend. But didn't. 

And it's better that way because, even though it's Monday, I can relive the weekend through this post and all of a sudden, Monday got a whole lot better.

So here we go! 

Friday night:
I attended my first high school graduation since I graduated way back in the olden days. Who knew they were so fun when you're not the one graduating? It also helped that I was in really good company. Also, I saw a lot of questionable shoe choices…ladies, if you're graduating, please make sure that you wear a closed heel, closed toe pump to walk across that stage. I know, the open toe wedges and stripper heels are so cute, which is why you should wear them to the afterparty, yo. 
I also got to meet that sweet girl up there. Her name is Raylynn and we got to hang out alllll night. She is the least shy child I've ever met. She walked right up to me, asked, "what's your name?" and then held her arms out to be picked up. Safe to say Raylynn and I go together like cheese and egg noodles.

Most of you know that one of my BFFs, April is getting married in a month (HOLY CRAP. A MONTH) and so naturally, her bridal party is cray cray excited for her. This weekend, we headed out out to Lafayette to have a bridal party barbeque n' shiz.
So first we headed to Legends. Because what's a good bachelorette hang out day if we're not drinking? We discussed what we're wearing for the actual bachelorette weekend, had a creepy guy choose the music on the jukebox, and ran down our agenda for that day. We also got some CUTE shirts ordered from Ruffles With Love for the bachelorette weekend. New Orleans, look out for us in June!

Then, of course, we needed food for the BBQ. Lindsey warned me before hand that she has the best meat market on the planet and that I should prepare myself…little did I know how right she was.
Did I die and go to heaven? I swear to God, I was ELATED. Just looking at the pictures is making my mouth water all over again.
Of course, we had bitchin' BBQ and I also picked up some okra chips while at NUNU's. What are okra chips? Holy awesomeness, Batman, is what they are. They're basically dried okra and they're DIVINE. I also got to nap and snuggle with this sweet boy, Master Yoda. Yes, he is hairless and he is even more adorable for it.

Last things last, I came home and did pretty much nothing Sunday except…package my food! So glad I did. Last week was rough scrambling at the last minute.
I know, it doesn't look like a lot, but I took this photo midway through my packaging process. I swear I added more. You'll also notice that I burned my carrots a little bit. I'll say that this is because I completely forgot I even had the carrots in the oven. Way to go me. Thankfully, I like the burnt taste, so I'll live. 

That's all I've got! Super fun weekend and only SIX more days of school. The countdown begins (just kidding. I've been counting down since Christmas). 

If you haven't yet, make sure you head over to the Giveaway post and enter to win a free LatitudeGearRX shirt! The raffle closes soon!

I hope y'alls Monday is completely great. I can't wait to tell y'all about what we're doing in the box today! What did your weekend look like?
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