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CrossFit: 5 Signs You Might Be Doing It Wrong

When you talk to people about CrossFit, 98% of the time, they're gonna brag all on how this awesome group of people changed their life and now they're all awesome because of it. Which is more than likely true.

But all of us-ALL OF US-know that guy/girl who makes CrossFit really unattractive. Like, you meet this person and you don't even want to do CrossFit anymore because this guy/girl is a complete douche. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.

In fact, if you're reading this and thinking to yourself, "I've never met anyone like that in CrossFit," it might be you.

5 Signs You Might Be Doing This Whole CrossFit Thing Wrong

5. You're competitive with everybody and everything

Don't get me wrong, competition is great news. It's fun to watch and it's exciting to participate in. But there's a time and a place to be competitive with other people. Your 7 am WOD with your regular ass boxmates isn't it. Trying to hide your "workout secrets" from other people is dumb. What are people gonna "steal" from you? Like, oh yeah, this is how she does double unders? No. You're supposed to be beating you so that, when and if you're in a competition, you can be your best to compete against others. See how that works? We're all there to support each other and push each other to do better. We want to congratulate you on being a badass and working hard. But, no one likes a freakin' show off. Throwing your times and PRs in people's faces for the purpose of showing them how much better than them you are is just rude. 

4. You don't listen to your coaches

See where it says "COACH" on the back of that guy's (or girl's) shirt? Yeah, it's 'cause they're a coach. Meaning they went and learned shit about CrossFit and got a certificate saying they did it. Know what that means? If they're trying to help you, you should probably listen, yo. The thing about coaches is: they want you to succeed. Even more than succeeding, they want you to not get injured. There is nothing I hate more than helping someone and having them tell me, "what do you know?" Uh, I know how to deadlift correctly? Don't be that guy/girl who tries to tell coaches that they don't know what they're talking about. 

3. You eat like a child and expect to perform like a man

I took this from my coach, Andrew. But he's right. You can't go around eating chocolate chip cookies and McDonald's all day and then expect to perform like an olympic athlete! You just can't. It's like putting regular fuel in a premium tank. You're just f*cking shit up in there. Yes, we all make mistakes and we all have cheat meals. I can attest to this more than anyone. But if all you're eating is pink slime chicken mcnuggets and Big Macs, don't be surprised when you're pushing a 30 minute Fran.

2. You ostracize the newbies

Can I just say that I love new people? Seriously. I love them at our gym. I think it's awesome that they want to be part of our little crossfit cult family and I want to make them feel welcome. Why? Because when I was a newbie, everyone at RSCF made me feel welcome and comfortable. Trying new things can be way scary and feel really overwhelming. A lot of times, that's why people quit. You were a newbie once, too, yo. Go help 'em out. Help 'em figure out how to adjust the GHD or put away their weights. Show 'em the ropes. Be a good person, for Christ's sake.

1. You don't commit

I know. It's crazy. All these CrossFit people obsessed with their "box" and their workouts named after girls. So you decide to join. And you go once a week. You totally don't see what the hype is about. I mean, yeah, you get all sore for the rest of the week but you're not seeing results and you don't look like Christmas Abbott. What's the big deal with this crossfit thing, anyway? Uh, if you only go once a week, you're gonna look like you only go once a week. So get in there 3 times a week. Or 4 times. Or 5 times. Let your body show you some freakin' results so you can see what the big deal is about. 

Moral of the story: come to the box. Work hard. Be better…than YOURSELF, make friends, be happy, be fit, eat clean, be a good person. Pretty easy, right? Right. 

Go forth and prosper, beast!

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