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Thankful Wednesday: 4/17/13

Typing from Texas!
See? Chillin' at my mama's house with my favorite mug. Best thing about mama's house? There's ALWAYS fresh coffee.
It's Wednesday so it's time, once again, to reflect on things I'm thankful for…so here it goes.

Dear Texas,
Mother of all things bluebonnets, Buc-ee's, Texas country, and boot scootin' boogies. Thank you for always changing enough to keep me on my toes, but never so much that I forget that I'm always seventeen in my hometown.
Look at this stuff! Who doesn't love bluebonnets, buc-ee's (it's a beaver!), and Texas Country?!

Dear Steamed Carrots,
Thank you for reminding me why pre-k kicked ass and for being so easy to cook AND eat. Forks? Who needs 'em? Not this girl.

Dear SugarToast,
Thanks for being the best freakin' dog a girl could have. I really appreciate that you get overly excited every time I come home and that you are my partner 'n' crime. Thanks also, for always minding your manners and taking naps with me whenever I need one. You are the bomb dot com.
My super sweet girl: SugarToast
What are y'all thankful for today?

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