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Exciting News! EEK! At-home programming with KB!

I am super blessed to have met a bunch of really great people through CrossFit. BUT! Upon starting CrossFit, I also found out that some great people I already knew were doing it! 

One of those people is Kyle. Also known as KB. I met Kyle during my first senior year at LSU (yea, I was one of those "super seniors", don't judge me. I had a lot of majors.)

He's super funny, really smart, and can pretty much get a long with anyone. He's also a certified Level 1 crossfit trainer. He's currently super involved with his schoolwork and working, so sometimes getting to the box can be hard for him. 

Because of a limited time availability, he finds it a little harder to get to the box sometimes OR he just feels like he wants a little extra workout during the day. And he's found that "at-home" WODs can be pretty awesome/valuable/efficient. He's a programming mastermind and I'm super lucky that he's decided to team up with me and share his at-home programming on Eat.Pray.WOD!

So who is this for? EVERYONE. If you're someone who wants to try "crossfit like workouts" but you're too nervous to get in the box just yet, if you're a crossfitter who wants to throw in a little extra, if you're someone who wants to get a little more fitness, DO IT! And post your results in the comments. It'll be a great time. I swear.

We know how much everyone loves Fran, but it's almost impossible to do her at homeā€¦unless you have a home gym, in which case, lucky you and I'm supremely jealous.

WOD Instructions: During this workout you must complete 21 jumping squats followed by 21 push ups, 15 jumping squats and 15 push ups and finally 9 jumping squats and 9 push ups. Once you are complete this workout please note the time it took you to complete this WOD.

Jumping Squats:
Here is a demo of a Jumping Squat :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87ynaOgFplw
Jumping squat is a movement that starts in a standing position with your hips fully extended. Your feet should be shoulder width apart (heels directly under shoulders) with toes slightly turned out. Weight should be distributed between the heel and mid-foot (heels). To execute this move you
- Maintaining a neutral spine (flat back), push the hips back then down
- While pushing the hips back and down, make sure the knees stay inline with the toes (tracking). At no point should the knees roll inside of the ankle (collapse)
- Continue to descend until the crease of the hip is below the knee cap (full depth)
- After achieving full depth, stand to full extension in the hips and knees by driving through the heels
-Your feet must leave the ground after you reach full extension.

Push Up:
Here is a demo of a push up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo0O4L5CUgk
Set Up
- Place both palms on the ground (shoulder width) with arms extended straight, hips open, legs straight balancing on the toes (a plank position)
- Tight mid-section

- Lower the body as a unit by bending the elbows (45 degree angle to the torso)
- At the bottom position, the chest and thigh must make contact with the ground
- Then extend the arms, raising the body as a unit to a fully locked out elbow
- Maintain a straight line between shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles at all times
If you need to scale please feel free to balance on your knees instead of your toes

So there it is! Try it out today/tonight and let me know how it goes!

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