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CrossFit Open: 13.4

I was so not ready for this work week to start. I had such a great time visiting in Texas that I didn't want to come back. 

One thing I learned from this Texas visit: rest is important.

If you're following on the facebook page (if you aren't, you can follow here), you know that I did 13.4 when it came out on Wednesday night and that I was way unhappy with my performance.

What I failed to disclose was: I had been working out like a mad woman. I did 13.3 on Saturday (which left me sore forever), WOD'd on Monday, then again on Tuesday (a WOD where we worked on about 10,901,804,383,619 toes to bar--okay I lie. Maybe 50) only to head to 13.4 on Wednesday.

And my body was exhausted. 

My first shot at 13.4, I couldn't even get my sixth rep on my toes to bar. I tried and tried, but I just couldn't get my feet to touch at the same time. I found myself wishing that this WOD was 7 minutes of max rep clean and jerkā€¦and I never wish for things like that. Total score: 17.

I was mad and disappointed. I knew I could do better! But I wasn't giving my body a chance to rest. Your body can only go so long and so hard before it gives out--and that's what mine did. Gave out. Basically, my body was like, "you want me to do WHAT? After I've already been doing all that other shiz? Eff you, Ace."

So, I made the very frustrating decision to rest. I am stubborn. All I want to do is get better and push harder and be the best I can. And sometimes, the best thing you can do is rest and let your body recuperate. 

Friday and Saturday with no workouts were the longest days ever, it felt like. 

Sunday came. Last day to redo the workout. Last day to submit a score. And I did NOT want to revisit 13.4. I probably paced the floor 3902 times, talking myself out of it. My boxmate, Jessica, and Coach Andrew pretty much convinced me to do it. 
Well, correction, Jessica convinced me. Andrew said that he was gonna lock me in the box until I did it again. 

So I did. And yes, it sucked. Bad. But I was able to push myself so much further. I didn't struggle at rep 6 in the second round of toes to bar. New score: 42

And it seems to me that that little two days of rest made all the difference. My body felt like it was capable of being pushed to new limits. Better still, it felt like it was ready to be pushed rather than me forcing it. And even though it killed me to sit out for two days that I would have rather been working out, my body pretty much thanked me for doing it. 

I still have a ton to work on and a long way to get better, but progress is progress, right?

4 weeks down, 1 to go. Bring it on, Castro.

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