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Being a Soldier's Angel

Y'all, I love 'merica. 

Fo' real. 

I am wildly appreciative of the country I live in and the opportunities I've been able to take advantage of because I live here.

I am also extremely appreciative of our servicemen and women all over. No matter how you feel about the president or policy or legislature, there are men and women who willingly give themselves daily to protect the people that live in the United States…people they don't even know! And right now, there are a bunch of people who are spending a ton of time away from their home and loved ones and could probably use a little support.

So what did I do? Became a Soldier's Angel. 

Soldiers' Angels is an organization where you can "adopt" a soldier who is currently deployed. As an angel, you commit to sending your soldier a letter a week and a care package a month for as long as he/she is deployed. 

My first letter to my soldier. And me. Duh.
If you are interested in supporting our troops by becoming a soldier's angel, please feel free to email me at eatpraywod@gmail.com or visit the Soldiers' Angels website at www.soldiersangels.org

I'll keep y'all updated about letters and how my soldier is doing!

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