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Why I hate Sensa (and other weight loss gimmicks)

My friend said it best today. She said, "Aislinn, I swear you are the busiest lazy person I know." And she's absolutely right. I am. When I get in the box or when I'm working on Eat.Pray.WOD, I am INTO it. I want to do everything, I want to do it RIGHT NOW, and I want to do it right…the first time. 

But when I'm not…I basically want to sleep. All the time. Or sit. With my friends. Or not do anything at all. 

And usually, while I'm at my house doing nothing, I watch TV. And it never fails that I see some kind of weight loss gimmick ad. Sensa, the ab belt, slim down shakes, pills, whatever.

And they piss me off. Seriously. I turn green like the Hulk.

Why? Because people actually spend their money on this shiz. How do I know? Because I used to be one of those people.  

When I was fat (see photos/story here), I would have done/bought pretty much anything to lose weight…except actually eat right and exercise. I swore there was some kind of magic pill I could take that would make me all skinny 'n' shiz.

I did all kinds of stuff:
weight loss pills
pre packaged meals
weight loss shakes
caffeine pills
crazy fad diets that let me eat <1000 calories a day

And I would lose a little weight. 10/15/maybe even 20 lbs. And it would come right back, plus some. Ew.

Then I found CrossFit and Paleo (insert bright light and angels singing down from the heavens…HERE).

I am not saying that CrossFit or Paleo is some magical thing that's gonna make you supermodel skinny on their own. Because they're not. But when I found them, I finally took accountability for my weight. When I saw what I could do in the box, I realized that the way my body looks depends entirely on what I put in it and how much work I make it do.

I also realized two other things:
-What I had been putting in my body was pretty much sh*tty.
-It took 7 whole years to get that overweight. It was gonna take some time to change.

Now you're probably saying to yourself, "okay, Ace, we get it. You got all enlightened and crap. But why hate on those products? You used 'em!"

I hate all that crap because it doesn't work. It sells people dreams. These companies are selling the world this dream that if they take a product, they're gonna come out looking like a Victoria's Secret model or like The Rock. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (I feel like I say that a lot-maybe I don't hate it so much): but the only thing that's gonna change you is you

And all these products really do is give you false hope, spend all your money, and keep you farther away from the realization that nothing can change until you make it change.

So from a super lazy, formerly fat person to everyone out there: make a change. If you want to lose weight, do it yourself. If you want to get swole, lift heavy. If you want to get skinny, lift heavy. If you want to be healthy and stay alive, eat good food. Go for a walk. Run after your kids. Ride a bike. Do some jumprope. Join a running club. 
Be accountable. 
Do what you have to do to get where you want to go. 

And don't spend your money buying dreams. Because I'd bet dollars to doughnuts, you've have a ton of better things to spend your money on. 

I have no actual photo to go with this today. This is me. At work. We're on lock down. I have nothing better to do. Check out my sweet sombrero and maracas in the back. HOLLA!

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