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Thankful Wednesday: 3/6/13

Things I'm thankful for today:

1. Pre-workout stimulants
2. Prunes
3. Hilarious students
4. Unlocked iPhones

Y'all, after the past two weeks with jam-packed weekends, I am exhausted and it's catching up with me. I catch myself yawning in between classes today thinking, "shiz, I am TIRED." Thankfully, I had my trusty pre-workout to give me a little pep in my step to last me through the rest of the day! This stuff makes me feel like I'm hopped up on cocaine and twinkies (not that I actually know what that's like. I'm just goin' off what I heard. Sue me). At least until I get home and pass out. And that sleep is gonna be some good.

I have an obsession with prunes this week. I have no idea why (besides the obvious: they keep me regular. Too much info? Too bad.) I've literally eaten them at lunch and for a snack at least once day, everyday this week. Maybe it's because they're just so damn convenient. They're just there in their little airtight plastic tub. Sunsweet Pitted Prunes, I love you.

Sometimes, being a teacher is a pain in my ass. It's probably the most underpaid and overworked profession out there (except for being a sweatshop laborer) and sometimes, I won't lie, I forget why I ever wanted to deal with other people's kids for 8 hours a day. But days like today make me laugh. Yesterday, a kid brought a gun(s) to school and caused kind of a panic. Today, my 10th-12th graders made me laugh hysterically about that really stressful situation. I am eternally thankful for kids that can not only find a silver lining in the worst things, but that can also find the humor in the terrifying. 

Welcome to the age of technology. I had a cell phone in high school that I never took out. Why? Because I couldn't text my friends. I only had like, 50 texts a month, for christ's sake. But now, ALL of my students have cell phones and they're addicted to them. In my defense, as a teacher, I give them fair warning: if I catch the phone out in my class, I will hack their facebooks, instagrams, twitters, and text messages. Then, I will call their mamas from their phone to tell her that I have it and she can pick it up from me. If the phone is locked, I just hit the incorrect password until the phone shuts them out completely and they have to go to AT&T to have it password restored. TODAY I finally got an unlocked phone. 
I had a great time hacking all of this kid's social media while he sat in his seat, panicked about what I could possibly be saying--especially to his girlfriend(s). 
Probably the best lesson I've taught all year, hands down: don't be on your phone in Miss Herrera's class or, if you're going to be on your phone, be slick enough not to get caught.

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