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Thankful Wednesday: 3/13/13

I know that I'm actually posting this on Thursday, but have faith. I swear I wrote it (at the very least started writing it) on Wednesday. Things are just very busy for me on Wednesdays. You know, workouts, work, class, waiting on the open workouts to come out. It's a stressful life.

This has been a pretty tough week! BUT there is always, always, always, something to be thankful for. So here it is:

1) School board mandated breaks from school
2) Tiger balm
3) The serenity prayer

I seriously wish I was this lady.
I get that teachers get dogged out a ton because people think that being a teacher is soooooo easy. I mean it is easy, right? We only work 9 months a year, take 3 months off for summer, have mandated breaks during our work day and get out of work everyday at 2:30. Plus we get mandated vacations from work. Cake, right? Well, uh, not exactly. Let me be the first to tell you: I work pretty dang hard and I'm not paid for half the hours I work. 
So I dare anyone to tell me I don't deserve this Spring Break coming up. Because I'm going to be thankful for and celebrate it. By doing nothing. (except crossfitting. I'm gonna CrossFit my ass off) I'm gonna go home to visit (EEK!!!), hang out with my friends, and be thankful to have off and take care of me.

I don't know how it's taken me 25 years to run into Tiger Balm, but I'm sure glad I did. I swear, it's the best thing to ever happen to my body (that's what she said). Sore, aching, injured, tiger balm takes your pain away…it's about as magical as fish oil. And y'all know I love fish oil.

I am thankful that someone decided to put this in my life exactly when I needed it. Recently-especially with my job-I've been stressing myself out to the max. But I have had to make myself (with the help of others) realize that I can only do as much as I can. I can't make others care, I can't make others do, I can't force others to understand. They can only care, do, and understand things if they want to. And that's completely up to them. No point in worrying about the things that I have absolutely no control over. Thank you to the person who reminded me of this and I'm thankful that it gave me a more clear perspective on my life and what I'm setting out to do. 

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