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Q+A that isn't FAQ

So I asked (about a week ago) on the facebook page if anyone had questions about me that they wanted answered. And no one commented…except all of a sudden, my inboxes for FB and email were flooded with questions!

So I'll try to get to every question I was asked and try not to have sucky answers. But sometimes answers suck anyway. That's life.

So here it goes!

Do you have a boyfriend? 
Yes. His name is CrossFit and I'm way committed to him. Although sometimes my other boyfriend, Fred the Foam Roller, has to come into play and CrossFit is totes okay with that.

Who's your favorite superhero?
The Hulk, no contest. As a kid, I grew up thinking I would marry Batman. I still kind of think that's true.

…But The Hulk isn't a superhero.
AYE! You asked, I answered! GEEZE!

How long have you and Brittany been friends?
Since the beginning of 6th grade. Lucky for me, she's always been the way reasonable and logical one. I'm more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl.

What size bra do you wear? And where do you get your sports bras?
Ummm size ginormous. Just kidding. Kind of. 36D and pretty much from any place that sells Nike. I'm sure there are other, way more supportive bras, but they're way expensive and these are good for now.

What do you do for fun?
I've already answered this question before, but the answer is pretty much nothing. This blog + CrossFit is all the fun I can handle.

What kind of movies do you watch?
Uhhh I love all kinds of movies, but action ones are my favorites. Especially with good one liners.

If you just looooove Texas so much, why don't you move back?
First, I sense your snarky tone and I'm choosing to ignore it. I looooove Louisiana, too and I'm pretty much in the middle of some shiz right now (ie: grad school) so I'll be here for a li'l bit. But trust and believe, a change is a comin'. (I sang that last sentence. Could you tell?)

Favorite Disney movie?
Easy. Lion King. 

Favorite food? Least favorite food?
Favorite food: my mama's quesadillas. Least favorite food: anything with tomatoes. I'm terrified of them. I don't want to talk about it.

Why don't you wear makeup everyday?
Because I'm lazy and I don't want to put it on. But I always wear mascara, because Mama Nancy would have me shot if I didn't.

Do you HAVE to tell your mom everything?
Yes, I do. Mainly because I think it's hilarious to make her uncomfortable.

What's your biggest pet peeve?
Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation. JESUS. I can't stand it. Like when people say, "on tomorrow"…you can't be ON A TOMORROW! Or when people fail to use oxford commas! YES, when listing things, you must have a comma before the "and" and the last thing! If you don't, you imply that the last two things are together!

What kind of protein do you take?
Progenex recovery in the Loco Mocha flavor. Nom nom nom.

You cook a lot. Where do you get your recipes?
I never use recipes. I just throw shiz together and hope it works out. Generally it does. I have a pretty good cooking foundation from Mama Nancy. She throws ZOWN in the kitchen.

Is eating Paleo really hard?
Not any harder than treating heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

What's your favorite quote?
"Get your panties out of your ass, suck it up, and get back to work." Courtesy of my mother.

What's your guilty pleasure?
Reading celebrity gossip. I read Perez HiltonMedia TakeOut, and What Would Tyler Durden Do every single day.

Do you really sew? That's an old lady thing.
I really sew and it probably is an old lady thing. However, it's come in handy since now I have to alter all of my clothes. Free custom tailoring? I think so.

OKAY! That's it. For now. I guess. 
I hope y'all are satisfied with these. If you have any other questions or if I missed questions, feel free to email me at eatpraywod@gmail.com and I'll get right on 'em. Swear. 

Ready for 13.4 tomorrow? I'm not. Bleh! 'kaybyeeee!

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