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Thankful Wednesday: 2/20/13

I guess I'm kind of getting used to posting thankful Wednesdays on Wednesdays! 

Today, I am thankful for you, reading this, right now. 
Few people know how much it means to me to know that people actually read the things I write. Recently, readers have contacted me via email and facebook and told me that I really inspire them or I uplift their day. And I want to say THANK YOU. Just like CrossFit has changed my life, I've realized that so has this blog. 
This blog has given me a voice that I never could have expected but that I'm very thankful to have. I started this so that I could have documentation of my journey and it became so much more. 

Because of you. Reading this. Right now. 

I still have days that I want to give up. I still have skinny days, fat days, bloated days, and days where I just feel crappy. Sometimes I feel like, "well, Coach Andrew isn't watching, I can shave some reps" or "I'm tired, I'll just sleep in today," or "Eh, I don't feel like working out". Worse, I have days when I want to eat EVERYTHING. And prior to this blog, I might have. I might have let myself to cheat reps or cheat on my diet. I might have let cheating on myself slide a little. 

But not anymore. Because of you.

Anytime I don't want to work out or want to eat something that's going to be terrible for me (Taco Bell, how ya doin?) I think about you. Reading this. Right now. And I don't. Because even more than I don't want to let myself down, I don't want to let you down. 

I am not perfect. I can always improve. But I want to be my best. For myself and now for anyone that I can help encourage. 

A friend of mine said to me (and forgive me, I'm paraphrasing) that, "it's easy to see celebrities lose weight and get fit and write it off as, 'oh they have trainers and personal chefs to do the real work for them', but you're a real person that I know that decided to change her life. And if you can make a big change, so can I." Y'all, when I read that, I bawled like a baby.

Today (and everyday) I am thankful for you. Reading this. Right now. I am thankful that you take moments out of your day to read my, sometimes mindless, ramblings. I am thankful that you +1 my posts and tell your friends to read them, too. I am blessed that you interpret my words the way they're meant to be interpreted, even when I'm not even sure what I mean. I am grateful that you listen to my rants and b*tching when I'm not having a great day. I am thrilled that you suffer my long list of endless ecards, dry humor, and questionable tastes. I literally thank God for every single view, like, share, and comment I get because of Eat.Pray.WOD. I hope (and pray!) that each one of those is an impression I'm making on someone out there. And I hope that impression is positive. 

Most of all, I am thankful for the inspiration that every single one of you gives me everyday to be better, faster, stronger, kinder, more genuine, and a better athlete.

Thank you.


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