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A Sunday Competition Update!

I never post on Sundays! But I didn't post yesterday because I was actually competing in my first competition!
I got a chance to compete with other members of my team from Red Stick CrossFit which was awesome. I competed in Women's Scaled division and came out 27 out of 49! Not so bad for my first competition, I don't think!

There were a bazillion times that I got nervous, felt like I couldn't do it and wanted to stop, but I was so fortunate to have members of my box and other boxes cheering me on and pushing me harder. And that's what CrossFit's all about!

I also PR'd my clean and thruster at 115#!

I had a great time especially meeting new people and if I didn't know before, I definitely am sure that my box and boxmates are the most awesome. I just love them. I am so proud of everyone who competed and so thankful for everyone that showed up for support. 

Today, I definitely feel like I've been hit by a truck, BUT I cannot wait to compete again. 

Off to take an ice bath, eat a ton of chicken and bacon, and rest!

Have a great Sunday, y'all!

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