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Well, it's not rainbows and sunshine...

This is not a sunshine-y post. 

I don't feel too great and my kiddos are letting me know how unhappy they are about having a test coming up. 

I also have to extreme modify practically every WOD this week due to this whole shoulder/knee thing. And I'm gonna have to make like with the rowing machine. EW.

In an ironic twist of events, I got this sent to me today (PS: thank you, awesome blog follower. You know who you are):  
Because Captain Jack is never far from wrong, it pretty accurately reflects my problem today. Attitude. I'm just in a shi*ty mood! We all have those kinds of days.

So I'm gonna do my best today to check my attitude and have the best day I can have. After all, we're only 3 days from Friday, right?

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