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Thankful Wednesday: 1/23/13

Holy geeze! How did Wednesday get here so fast? And I'm actually posting a Thankful Wednesday on Wednesday two weeks in a row?! Sweet baby Bacchus, it's a miracle.






This week, I am extremely thankful for my coaches. 
All of them. 
I am thankful for Andrew, Lauren, Stephen, Will, Logan, Daniel, and (most recently) Kyle. 
Some days, I walk into the box and kick the shiz out of a WOD, other days, I just suck. My technique is bad, I'm slow, and I'm struggling. Hey, everyone has an off day (or week). I am thankful that these people--even though some know me better than others--can be counted on to push me and encourage me every step of the way through this journey. I am thankful that they never fail to give me constructive criticism to make me better that is almost always proceeded by praise. Thank you for giving me cues to make me better, for answering all my silly question about movement, for telling my to lift my elbows during my front squats, for making sure I squeeze my a** when I deadlift, for ensuring that I don't lose my lumbar during any lifts, for guaranteeing that I break parallel, and for being generally annoying about form and intensity when I really want to slack off. I am SUPER blessed that they withstand every time I cuss them out and charge it to the pain and not my heart. I am fortunate that these people care so much about seeing others succeed, they give up every second of their own personal time to help them. I am thankful that my coaches know and understand my flaws (like my intense stubborn nature) and force me to do what it takes to reconcile them (even when I don't want to). Lastly, I am very fortunate to have met a group of people who really believe in me, what I'm doing and are genuinely supportive of my journey--inside and outside of the box.
So, if you're one of my coaches and you're reading this, know that I am thankful for you. Every time I curse you out, it comes from the most loving place I have. I swear it.


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