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Thankful Wednesday: 1/16/12

It's Wednesday and I actually remembered to do Thankful Wednesday! This deserves celebration! (No, seriously, it does)

So, most of you know that big parts of 2012 sucked for me. And sucked badly. And when it came down to it, I was kind of worried about 2013. I kept thinking to myself, "okay, new year, or whatever...but what if everything still sucks?" Sure enough, 2013 was here...and it didn't suck. We've only been in the year two-thousand and thirteen for 16 days and I can honestly say, January has kicked a*s so far. Why? You ask. Well, because of the following things I'm thankful for:
1. Black coffee
2. Breadless almond butter and jelly
3. New and repaired relationships

1. Most of you know that I used to have a serious Diet Coke problem. SERIOUS. 16-20 bottle a day serious (and don't gimmie that shiz about "diet coke will kill you". Diet Coke saved my life once, so take that!). But I can honestly say I've kicked the habit. Every once in awhile, now, I'll drink one--but only when my nerves are bad. So the question became, what the hell am I going to drink to calm my nerves and keep me alert on a regular basis??! Answer: Black coffee. Over the course of the past month, nothing calms me down like smelling a fresh pot of coffee brewing. Yes, drinking it black sucked at first, but now, I don't think I could put anything in my coffee if I wanted to. I am literally thankful for the way it smells, the way it warms a mug in my hands and the way it always burns my tongue on the first sip. Thanks, folgers!

2. Breadless almond butter and jelly. I got this idea from Malcolm ("Maximus" from Red Stick Crossfit) who (I think) got it from Rich Froning Jr. Eating paleo kind of makes you forget how awesome a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is...and I LOVE PB&J. So when Malcolm posted a photo of a tupperware that he filled with PB&J, and then Jarrell did it, too, obviously I had to try it...

...BEST FREAKIN' DECISION EVER. Know how long it took me to make my lunch yesterday? 3 seconds. Why? Because I mixed almond butter and jelly and left (if you're wondering why I don't eat peanuts, it's because they're a legume, so they aren't actually paleo). No longer do I have to endure the stress and heartache of not being able to eat PB&J! Extremely thankful to Malcolm for introducing it to me. And to Rich Froning Jr. for introducing it to him...well, I'm thankful for RFJ already, but for completely different, way more scandalous reasons. Don't judge.

3. This one is a little less trivial. I am so thankful for the new relationships I've found in 2013 and for the relationships that have been repaired in 2013. Unfortunately, in the past couple of years, some of my friendships have been damaged due to lack of communication and understanding. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to mend relationships worth mending. Also in 2013, I've run across new relationships that have opened me up to new experiences, new ways of thinking, and emboldened me to be a stronger person-physically and mentally. I am thankful to every person that has literally helped me see my own strengths and weaknesses for what they are: strengths and weaknesses. I am especially thankful for someone who understand exactly what my goals are, identifies with them, and encourages me to achieve them in every arena. To new and mended relationships in 2013, I am thankful. 

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