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This wouldn't be the first time I've had a blog, but it is my first time having one that discusses my body. I am not a trainer or a fitness guru or some kind of crazy health nut. I am a person that got fat and about 2.5-ish years ago, I got fed up with my weight. 

I literally got tired of being tired. See below.

From left to right: February 2010-180.8 lbs, size 16 jeans: taken immediately following Queen of Queens 2010 pageant; May 2012-157.2 lbs, size 12 jeans: taken at Istrouma High School's graduation ceremony; November 2012-137.8 lbs, size 8 jeans: taken at LSU Homecoming 2012.

This whole weight loss thing didn't happen by magic, I hate to tell you. I'd be lying if I said I woke up one morning and was magically down 40 some pounds. I worked super hard. I changed the way I ate and the way I worked out. I did a lot of changing the way I thought about myself. AND IT SUCKED.

The thing that has made the most difference in this new-found physical version of me is Crossfit. I watched videos of Crossfit, picked favorite athletes, cheered on the Crossfit games...all from the comfort of my couch for about a year. My favorite excuse? "I'm scared. I'm not in good enough shape for that. Everyone will laugh at me."A good friend of mine joined her local box and was literally loving it. And that's when she forced me to change my life. She basically--in the sweetest way possible--told me to stop being a p*ssy and get my ass to the box.

So I did.

And immediately after I fell in love with Crossfit, my whole world fell apart. Literally. without going into much detail, everything in my life changed in 8 hours. But rather than withdrawing from everything, I threw myself more into Crossfit and being better. I went from going to the box 2 times a week to 5 times a week. And that next 3 weeks sucked. I cried in the middle of every WOD. My coaches had no idea what to do with me or what was going on.

But everyday in the box, I got stronger. Physically and mentally. Eventually, the crying stopped.

I became more focused on me and the awesome things I could do just by being me.

5 months into this Crossfit lifestyle and I've become a different person. I am a stronger version of me. I have awesome friends that I've met through this crazy sport of fitness. I have met people who lift me up when I've had a terrible day and offer to take me for drinks just because it's Friday. I'm an athlete that means it when I say, "sorry, guys, I can't be out late tonight. I have 5 am workouts." Or, "can't eat it, it isn't paleo."

I started out as just a girl who got fat and wanted to be skinny. I'm terribly thankful for experiences that made me realize I wanted to be strong--physically and mentally.

I said all that to say this: read my shit. Be inspired if you can. I write some funny stuff sometimes. Share in my triumphs and tragedies. If you feel like you're that person that can't get off the couch, read this, then get your pansy ass off the damn couch. Because, peep the before and after pics. If I can do it, so can you. Obvs. I will not guarantee that everything I post will be positive, wonderful, and overflowing with rainbows and sunshine because that shit isn't real life. But I will promise that I'll be honest about this little journey I'm on and maybe--if I'm lucky--people will be inspired to take a journey, too.

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