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NEW YEAR'S EVE! 2012 Superlatives

GUYS! IT'S NEW YEAR'S EVE! It's the last day of 2012!

I'm going to attempt to make a running list of awesome/not so awesome/great/weird things that have happened in 2012 so I can start 2013 fresh!

Just so you all know, I tried to find a pre made list to follow, but there are literally none out there. AT ALL. So I'm gonna try to make this as comprehensive as I possibly can. I make no promises.

So here it goes!

Most Understanding:
Brittany B.
Brittany and her super adorable niece, Kylie. I love them BOTH.
This should really be no surprise. Brittany has been my best friend since 6th grade. We've both grown up since we were 10, obviously, but I'm super thankful that we've never grown apart. I can text her about anything, ranging from book choices, music preferences, work problems, wardrobe concerns, and she always listens, never judges, and is accepting of my decisions.  

Best Couple:
Kristen L. and Carnell

Hey, adorable couple!
When I was going through the thing we don't talk about, I literally called Kristen and Carnell-y and they came, no questions asked, and helped me move ALL of my shit in 4 hours. Literally. They lifted my spirits and helped relax my mom--because if you know my mom, you know she was panicked to the max. They provide comic relief for me which always seems to happen at just the right time. I yell and tell Carnell how much I hate him and he picks me up and tells me to shut up. I just love these two. I can't wait for them to have giant children.

Sounding Board:
Willie F.
This is a terrible and really old photo. BUT it's the only one I have, so it'll have to do.
I can always count on Willie to listen to whatever I have to say and then take an honest and objective view of it. And most of the time, I hate it. These discussions between us usually result in me screaming, "YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE, WILLIE!" and him responding, "whatever, Ace" and making some dumb face at me. Further proof that he does in fact, know my life and knows that my outbursts generally mean nothing.

Best New Friendship:
April F.

Little did I know that joining the wonderful family of Istrouma High School in January would also bring me a new best friend in April. She is wonderfully optimistic, light-hearted, and kind. I am terribly blessed to have her to have girl talks, get our nails done, and discuss the ups and downs of teaching.

Favorite Photo:
This one. Taken at LSU's homecoming tailgate. Because when I took this photo and looked at it, I thought to myself, "despite everything that has happened, you are going to be okay. You are going to be just fine." 

Biggest Pet Peeve:
People who are disrespectful of my time or the decisions I make about what to do with my time. This is new! It tops even my pet peeve for people who don't follow proper grammar/punctuation rules.

Best Decision:
Joining the Red Stick Crossfit family
We LOOK like we have a ton of fun!
Hands down the best thing I did in 2012 was walk into 3079 Government St. I found an awesome and supportive new family that I love with my whole heart and love me back! 

Worst Decision:
Straight Tequila and lime. Enough said.

Worst Moment of 2012:
The thing we don't talk about. I've discussed it a little on the blog, but I try not to bring it up too much. My relationship status went from engaged to single very quickly in August and that has had and still has a deep and resounding effect on me.

Best Moment of 2012:
Getting into LSU's Masters of Kinesiology program for Sports Pedagogy. I am so looking forward to having the opportunity to learn about making the human body strong through strength and conditioning programs and pursing a career in that field. Class of 2015!

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