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Holy Jeepers, Batman!

Today's the 24th of December! Which means today is Christmas Eve!! In case you didn't know, Christmas time is my favorite time of year. Except the weather. I hate the weather. If little baby Jesus could have opted to have been born in a time when I didn't have to worry about freezing my a*s off, that would have been perfect-o. 

Christmas time means gift giving and I LOVE gift giving. This year I'm kind of strapped with cash--I'm a teacher going to grad school, people! You should all know that I am going to be perpetually broke for the next 3 years!--so I got gifts for my mom and dad only. 

AND because neither of them reads my blog, I'm going to share them with you early! 

PS: If you're wondering WHY neither of my parents read my blog, it's because they both assume that I'm up to literary no-good-ness. Seriously. I think my mom prays that I'm not writing porn on here. Which obviously I'm not. But she wouldn't know because she doesn't read, thereby perpetuating this never ending cycle of worry. I think my dad takes the attitude, "what I don't know, won't hurt me". I swear, they think I'm some kind of blog-writin' n'er-do-well! Maybe one of these days y'all can tell 'em I'm not. They don't listen to me.

Really simple: 
For my dad?? A Bass Pro gift card. My dad is a super outdoors-y kind of guy and I'm really hoping he's gonna use this card to buy himself a new pair of boots. He's a rancher and we run Beefmaster cattle. His boots get ALL kinds of wear but he wouldn't dream of spending a ton of money on quality footwear on himself. Also knowing my dad, he will probably use this gift card to buy something for the cows, so I have a back up plan. I've enlisted my mom to find out what type and size boots he likes...so I've got them saved on a wishlist. If he doesn't buy himself some boots by the time I leave Texas and go back to Louisiana, I'm buying 'em for him. That's what I call taking the bull by the horns! 

If you've been following my blog (or you know me in real life), you know that recently, my mama tried crossfit for the first time. And despite the fact that she could barely walk for a week, she loved it. She would NEVER buy crossfit for herself because she considers it a luxury and she's just not the type of person to do luxurious things for herself. SO, I went ahead and paid her dues for her foundations course and one month of crossfit, just for Miss Nancy! I just know that she's gonna get in there and love it. She'll feel so much better about herself, physically and mentally. Y'all better get ready, I'm gonna start training Miss Nancy to compete in the Masters! 

What did y'all get your loved ones for Christmas?

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