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Dear Friday,

You are the most anticipated day of the week. I literally sit at my desk at least 30 times a day and think to myself, "man, I wish today was Friday." I get that it's early, but you've been pretty good to me so far today. Let's keep that up. 

Please give me patience but not strength because if you give me strength, I might be compelled to strangle some people. 

Please make the hours of the work day move quickly, but remember to slow it down around 5 pm. I need my off time to stretch as long as possible.

Please allow me to keep my cool and just calmly correct them when these kids call me "Miss Herrero" instead of "Miss Herrera". It's not their fault that they're in high school and still can't differentiate vowel sounds.

Also, thanks for being the day when the cafeteria serves corn dogs. I know they're not paleo, but they're so damn good I cant help myself. (Sorry, Crossfit gods, I get it. I'll need to do 1,093,101 burpees to burn these things off)

Thanks a bunch, Friday. You're a doll.


PS: Can you tell the next Friday to hurry its ass next week? My birthday's coming up and I wanna celebrate sooner rather than later. Thanks!

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