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Back Pain: Update

So, I injured my back on Monday. How? I have no idea. It started with a pinch in my lower back in the morning and by noon, it had become a searing pain radiating throughout my lower back. AWESOME.

I made a date with this guy: 
Some people have boyfriends to sleep with at night, I have a foam roller.

Thankfully, after about a half hour of rolling on my back and stretching at the box, my back started to feel better...a little. 

This morning, it feels a lot better and we're back down to the twinge feeling. Which is good. I went to 5 am workouts anyway this morning and got diagnosed by the good doctor Vince who thinks I may have some slight inflammation in the back. Nothing I can't handle. I hope.

I'm praying that the pain lightens up considerably today/tonight and I can WOD tomorrow. 
If not, I'll make another date with the foam roller and bitch and moan the pain away.

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