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It has been awhile!

Man, oh man. Updates on life:

I haven't been getting to blog because I've been swamped with work at the new box. It is extremely rewarding and exciting. And that's good because I spend 14-16 hours a day doing work for the box. Love it, but sometimes, this girl needs a nap--which cuts into my blogging time. 

Seriously. I need a nap. This is Mama Nancy, standing over me as I die after completing a Team Series workout. She's actually really excited about it (the workout, not me dying).
Living at home with Mama Nancy and Daddy Carlos has been awesome. I LOVE IT. I really like not coming home to an empty house and spending time with my family. Mama Nancy claims she is dreaming of the day that I'll get a place of my own (we all know she's fibbing--she loves me being home, I think). 

Mama Nancy is not a fan that I get to go to work like this everyday. Things she also won't do: touch my laundry. 

I was pretty terrified pre-move that I'd get here and have no friends because they'd all be busy living their own already established lives and doing their own thing. I'm thrilled that that is the case but they've been great at including me, too. 
Only one of the most fun times ever! Murder Mystery dinner. Murder in MargaritaLand!

Also, I've set a goal to post at least 3 times a week on here--mainly because I miss writing and mostly because I miss you. 

That's all for now!

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