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Everything Changes

*In case you've noticed I've been gone and would be gone forever, never fear. I was a little busy with a trip to Boston and with graduation! I'm back now. YAY!

The time I've been waiting for has finally come. I am officially a Texas resident again which is both incredibly exciting and terrifying. 

I am thrilled to announce that I was able to walk across the stage on Friday morning to receive my Master's degree from Louisiana State University in Kinesiology. I was even more excited that not only were my family and my best friend Brittany able to be there, but that my college best friends, Kristie, Jelisa, and Serena were able to make it from New York, Houston, and Shreveport! 
I am so incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family members who have supported me through this ridiculous journey, especially when the journey included a lot of tears, a lot of curse words, and a lot of screaming "I can't do this, I'm going to throw myself into an abyss" (okay, that only happened once, but it totally happened). 

I'm so grateful for all my Red Stick CrossFit friends who came out to wish me farewell on Saturday night. I won't lie, I definitely bawled like a baby the entire way home. Who would have ever thought that leaving the people who suffer with me during workouts would be my family? 

Even thought I have been counting down to this day since...what feels like forever, moving away from the place I've called home for almost a decade has been a real emotional roller coaster. 

Things I'll miss (Including but not limited to):
Flooded snoballs with condensed milk 
Being able to head over to a friend's in less than 10 minutes
Red Stick CrossFit
Hearing the alma mater everyday at noon
5 dollar movies on Tuesdays at citiplace
LSU Gameday Saturdays
Saints Gameday Sundays
Boudin Sandwiches
Good poboys
BUYING LIQUOR AT WALMART (did y'all know Texas doesn't do that?! wtf.)
Running into my students in the city
The Chimes
Azaleas in the spring
Exploring abandoned buildings in mid city
Spelling everything with an "OH" sound with "EAUX"

Things I won't miss:
Traffic. Because somehow I managed to move somewhere that has worse traffic than Baton Rouge.
The beggar man from the Circle K on Highland that claims that "he and his family have just been stranded and Gawd Blessha if you can spare some change." He and his family have been "stranded" for the past 8 years.
Lee Drive at 3 pm.
Sobriety Checkpoints in TigerLand, "I haven't been drinking, officer. I'm just trying to go my ass home."

It's been real, Baton Rouge. I'll see you again. Houston, let's get this new adventure started.

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