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Hips Don't Lie

I get a lot of questions about mobility. Mainly from CrossFitters and Olympic Lifters who are wondering. We talk a LOT about being mobile and shit.

At any given time, you can probably walk into some CrossFit box where there will be someone using a foam roller and looking like they're being tortured/loving every second. The foam roller can be flirtatious.

But like training, if you don't have a plan and a goal for your mobility, you're on the fast track to nowhere.
Whether you're a crossfitter, an oly lifter, a runner, a swimmer, whatever,
you can lay on that foam roller all day and put a lacrosse ball in all the achy muscles you want, but if you're not working toward a goal, you're doing this shit wrong.

I know that you're doing it wrong because I was doing it wrong. I foam roll almost everyday and stretch, but I had no direct goals for my mobility. I was just like, "stretching will help me not hurt as bad", right?


Mobility has a purpose. Mobility helps prepare the body for movement and helps the body follow the correct path for movement, avoiding injury and imbalances. 
I know, I know. You're all, "Ace, I totally know what I'm doing because I focus on mobility twice a week and I don't have any injuries"

First, bravo that you don't have any injuries. 
Second, if you don't get mobile, you won't be injury-free for long. 
Third, mobility should be a part of your life every single day--just 10-15 MAX minutes is really all it takes.  
Fourth, is it really worth missing out on your next PR because you didn't want to stretch appropriately? (hint: it's not)

And then Matt Vincent and Shakira entered my life.

Matt is a badass Highland Games athlete where he throws extremely heavy shit extremely far distances. He trains at Red Stick CrossFit when he gets time and is possibly one of the nicest, if not one of the most intimidating, people. 

MattyV recently wrote up a programming specifically for mobility of the hips. Why the hips? Because that's where everything comes from: our strength, our power...and if your hips ain't right, nothing is right. 

So everybody, I'd like to propose a challenge. A MOBILITY CHALLENGE.

Here it goes:
Head over to Matt's shop by clicking HERE and purchase the Shakira Mobility Programming. It's $5--that's it. For 5 weeks of programming. 

Take a front, side, and back photo of you sitting at the bottom of your squat for before photos.

Follow the programming.

At then end of 5 weeks, take some front, back, and side photos for your afters and send them to me!

We will choose the most improved mobility and the winner will receive a $50 VISA gift card AND goodies that I'll reveal one at a time over the course of our 5 week programming!

Who's in? Let's get mobile!

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