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Recently Asked Questions

Hi!  I missed you.
I've been gone for a little bit and I've got a few recently asked questions to answer:

Where have you been lately?
Missing in action, although not necessarily by choice. I started my last semester of graduate work and it's proving to be extremely busy. On top of that, throw in two jobs, studying for my competency exams and my super secret. I'm lucky just to get sleep right now.

What have you been doing in Texas?
Secret stuff. Also, hanging out with my family and friends. Eating pepperoni pizza at the best pizza place in Houston and playing a lot of beer pong. I know. It's not at all healthy. Thankfully, the pizza and the beer pong are for special occasions only.

Me and AshleyLiu. I wanted to take more photos but...beer pong.

How are Mama Nancy and Daddy Carlos?
They're fantastic. Mama Nancy is anxiously awaiting my return home and she's planning a trip to Baton Rouge on July 4th and we're hoping to tour the USS Kidd. To say that I'm excited is an extreme understatement. Daddy Carlos is thrilled because he got a new toy for the ranch--a wire winder. His life is made.

How is Axl?
He's fantastic. He has now mastered the art of food scavenging by hovering while I cook and eating anything I drop before I can even come close to picking it up. 

Why does your sidebar still say you're 25? You're 26, almost 27.
I KNOWWWWW. I haven't had time to redo my sidebar. I'M SORRYYYYYYYY. (also, I'm almost 27? What the what?)

How do you feel about elevation masks?
I hate them. A lot. And my hate is based on actual research studies that show that wearing an elevation mask while you work out does not necessarily benefit your diaphragm/ability to consume oxygen/whatever the heck thing they're telling people it will help, but they do have a 100% chance of making you look silly. Because only Bane looks cool in an elevation mask. 
No, you don't because you're only allowing yourself like, 60% of the oxygen you should be getting.

Who do you think will win The CrossFit Games this year? 
Probably me. 
Scratch that.
Definitely me.

Don't you think everyone should do CrossFit? 
No. Because it's not for everyone-some people just don't like it and that's okay. Do I think everyone should be physically active? EFF YEAH.

You talk about your grad school program a lot. What are you actually studying?
Technically? Sports pedagogy and psychological sciences with an additional concentration in exercise physiology. Which is a whole lot of words to say "I teach people to pick up heavy things and put them down without hurting themselves...and then figure out why they actually want to do it and help them keep wanting to do it."

What are you gonna do when you graduate?
Be a bum and live with Mama Nancy. 
Kind of. 

Don't you think you should write a book?
No. If you'll notice, I write this blog about me and my friends and things that actually happen. I am super terrible at writing about characters and making storylines up. Besides, I'm almost always actually doing something ridiculous enough to write about. 

How do I get to volunteer at Regionals/The CrossFit Games?
SIGN UP! It's one of the best things I've ever done. SO FUN. (But you can't be the Red Hat. That's my job. True story.)


Why haven't you told us the secret yet? 
Because it's not ready to tell! But I will. Promise.

I really want to try CrossFit, but I'm scared and I don't know what to expect. What do I do?
Well, you can start by reading about why you're not ready first and then you can read about the things that I've learned. Then you can google crossfit boxes in your area and get in on a free intro class! No better time to jump on that pony, cowboy/girl! 

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