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This is what I was supposed to write: South Central Regionals

I had a little detour from my regularly scheduled programming yesterday.
This past weekend I was honored to be working at CrossFit's South Central Regional where I got to watch my awesome team (Team RSCF) and some great friends compete for the region's fittest!

I was placed on South Central's Media Team as the Red Hat. Which meant that I got to be stationed on the floor with a headset on, communicating to the production room about everything that was happening on the floor at all times. Which meant I wasn't allowed to leave often. Thankfully, I had the most awesome team (especially, Kristen, my Red Hat Assistant) who checked on me constantly to remind me to eat, drink water, and rest. LOVE THEM!

The entire volunteer staff was incredible--everyone was so nice and on top of their job. This competition really ran smoothly.
I have to say, more than anything, I was impressed by the competitors and their level of basically being badasses.

My RSCF team, I am so proud. I've never seen anyone work so hard or push outside their limits. I was beaming to say that y'all are MY team.

Congratulations to ALL the Louisiana teams that showed up and showed out at Regionals, especially our local friends: Geaux CrossFit and CrossFit Denham Springs.

Also, huge shoutout to CrossFit Katy for qualifying for the Games this year! It's been a long time coming and it was awesome to watch your team compete. Way to go!

I'd also like to shoutout my awesome friends who competed as individuals: Meg Cannon, Kyle Flowers, Jeff Prejean, and Alex Baronich. They were incredible and inspiring to watch and I lost my voice cheering for all of them.

In addition to all of that, I got to spend time with my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew which was the B-E-S-T. Where else can I eat ice cream for dinner and not be judged? Nowhere.

All in all, AWESOME weekend. I got the chance to meet GREAT people that I can't wait to see next year.

Partially related: I also got a vicious heat rash that I'm dealing with. Ouch. Bright side? Mama Nancy literally overnighted an entire care package of crap to deal with it. Daddy threw the Boudreaux's Butt Paste in there.

Unrelated: I changed my twitter name! It is now @_eatpraywod, so in case you don't get enough of me here...you can follow me there! Also, in case anyone has any ingenious ideas for how to cure heat rash...feel free to shoot 'em over to me. 'Kay thanks.  

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