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Stitch Fixin' It

I hate shopping. A lot.  
Nothing ever fits me and, let's face it, no one looks good under fluorescent lighting with fat mirrors. Just no.
And then I get harrassed by salespeople (I know, I know, it's their job to upsell me), who are just DYING for me to try whatever new slim fit trouser and slim fit button up outfit they have in this season.
SLIM FIT? Girl, do you not see all this ass on me?
The last time I wore anything "slim fit", I was 9.

So when my friend Anna shared something on Facebook about Stitch Fix--A personal styling service for women--I was intrigued. So how does this Stitch Fix thing work?
So I insert all my info. Stitch Fix asks me what kind of styles I like, what sizes I wear, what i like to show off (my shoulders!), what I don't (my tummy!), etc.
I pay $20.
A StitchFix stylist picks 5 items that suit my tastes and sizes within the price limits that I set.
I get my StitchFix. I can try on all the items and send what I don't want back within 3 days.

I went ahead and signed up for the service. And I was nervous.
I kept thinking, "Lord, if I try this shit on and it doesn't fit/looks crazy, I am going to lose. my. mind."

Well, I got my stitch fix and...
...I definitely didn't hate it.

In fact, I kind of loved it. My stylist was Kate and she did a fabulous job picking out items that I liked and I would have never picked out for myself.

I'd like to point out that I am NOT a fashion blogger and these are photos taken by my crappy iPhone. So no judgement, please.

Dress: Loveappella-Carlita Maxi Dress, Shoes: Jessica Simpson
I really liked this dress even though it made my boobs look HUGE. I usually don't consider maxi dresses because I'm so short and I feel like they just won't look good on me. But, since maxi dress/sun dress weather is right around the corner, I thought it would make a good addition. Also, the dress is bright pink, not dark pink like in the picture. My only qualm was that it was a little too expensive for my taste in a maxi.
Blouse: Ishara Lace Detail V-Neck Blouse, Pants: Level 99 Patrick Cropped Chino Pant, Necklace: New York & Company
Same as above. Shoes: www.juil.com
I LOVED THIS BLOUSE! It was the perfect blend of nice enough for work, but cute enough to go out. Only sad part? It was too big. I tried every which way to make it work, but I couldn't. Just too flowy in the back and my armholes sagged. I had to send 'em back.

I was scared of these pants. When I took 'em out of the box, I thought, "well, they look cute enough, but will they fit?" I was terrified to put them on. Y'all. THEY ARE PERFECT. They fit my quads and my ass and my waist. WITH NO WAIST GAP. They're crops so they're good for summer, but they're also cute rolled up. Kate did great with this pick.

Blouse: 41 Hawthorn Ivy Tulip Print Tab Sleeve Blouse/Pants: Level 99 Patrick Cropped Chino Pan/Necklace: Justin Taylor Brittany Tortoise Bib Necklace
Blouse: 41 Hawthorn Ivy Tulip Print Tab Sleeve Blouse/Necklace: Justin Taylor Brittany Tortoise Bib Necklace

I was iffy about this blouse. When I first tried it on, I loved it. The second and third times, I was just meh about it. I didn't love it enough to buy it, but I liked the print and the cut a lot. I think I could definitely try more blouses like this. The tortoise bib necklace was the last item in my stitchfix box and I really like it. I'm hoping Kate will send me more statement jewelry (Mama Nancy says I need to wear more jewelry!)
When I finished making decisions about the items sent to me, I got to fill out a survey about my items and tell StitchFix exactly how I felt about each one. The stylists will use this to help determine what to put in my next fix!

All in all, I'd definitely say that my first stitchfix was a win. I felt comfortable choosing what I wanted to keep and what I didn't and I didn't feel pressured. Even better, I got to try on pieces with my own existing clothes so I could determine how versatile it was. Love it.

Oh, and my $20? It went toward my purchase. BOOM.

If you hate shopping and are interested in checking out StitchFix, please visit their site here

If you have any questions about my experience with StitchFix, please feel free to shoot me an email at eatpraywod[at]gmail[dot]com!

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