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Sorey Fitness

It is my honor to introduce Kalee from Sorey Fitness today. Kalee is an awesome girl who focuses on health and balance in her life. She's got an awesome story that I'm excited to share with y'all. Without further ado...

Meet Kalee!
1. What got you into fitness? You mention that you love PiYo, what is that and how do I get into it?!
Growing up, I was the heavy girl in school. I hated that I was stuck in my mom's hand-me-downs instead of shopping at the cute little girl stores because of my weight. When I got into middle school, I was drastic about wanting to lose weight, but I didn't feel good. I still lacked confidence. By high school, I found my love of exercise. By focusing on everything my body was capable of and working it in a healthy way - I felt strong, powerful and confident. I knew it was important to fuel my body the right way to get through my workouts, and I started learning about what the best foods were for my goals.
PiYo is my new favorite workout and what was missing from my routine for so long. PiYo's a pre-designed flow workout that blends of yoga and pilates with some athletic moves. It's a calorie torcher, but it doesn't require weights or jumping.  Plus by stretching out your muscles, you have the greater capacity for muscle growth.
I prefer to workout alone and in my home-gym because it's my way to de-stress, but PiYo was something I had to do every time it was live. Now it's going to be on DVD in June! I cannot wait! (more details on my blog)
2. You're getting married. How do you manage your time while also being involved with exercise and healthy eating?
It's a sometimes a challenge for sure! I rely heavily on my iPhone to book out appointments, my to-do list, and view my meal plan for the day. By having everything in one place, it's easy for me to see when I have open and not overbook myself. It's so important to take time for YOU, especially with a big change coming up.
I also switched to exercising first thing in the morning about 8 months ago. It has made a huge difference in my energy and consistency. I used to do my workouts when I had downtime everyday, but it could get stressful fitting it in when "things popped up." By outlining a workout calendar ahead of time, I just wake up and pop in a DVD. That way I am finished before most people are up!
Healthy eating has been my struggle with the demands from life, my business, and wedding planning. I am one that skips a meal purely on accident when I get busy, and then I overeat. So now I always have goodies in my purse. Quest Bars are one of my favorites, but they are a little TOO addicting to keep on hand all the time. I also love Shakeology, whey protein, nuts, tuna packets, carrot sticks, hardboiled eggs, and fresh fruit on-the-go. I also will Google the best food options if I am eating out. I'm in love with Panera's Strawberry Poppyseed Salad right now!! YUM!
Another tip is to go ahead and make out your meal plan for the week while looking at what your days look like. My schedule is always different so my meals have to work with my time. Having a plan and some of the meal-prepping done before the work-week starts makes a huge difference.
3. Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years?
I absolutely love what I do right now; it's so much fun and rewarding. There is nothing like waking up to a message that one of my clients is crushing their goals and seeing results. So I hope that part of my life is the same, but I would love to continue to grow in my fitness journey. I also would love to incorporate some of the things I've learned as a fitness coach and blogger to help other people do the same thing as me. Oh and happy of course!
4. I saw you love trashy gossip mags (and I do, too!) what's your favorite celebrity gossip right now?
Oh goodness, I always fall for the Jennifer Aniston baby rumors. I tell you, one day it's going to be true!! I think we really need to get back to the basics of clothes, scandals, and Jen's babies versus the whole Kim-Ye wedding though. (agree. Times a billion).
5. What's the best advice you can give to someone who's just starting on their fitness journey?
Don't give up. It's going to be hard, but if it wasn't everyone would do it. For me, it's all about keeping things realistic and balanced. When I plan out my meal plans, I leave a little wiggle room once a week to not have to follow a meal plan. I also don't put things on my grocery list that are super healthy but will never get eaten once it's in my house. 1 too many Bok-Choy's were bought and went bad before figuring out I wasn't ever going to try it. Find what works for you, fuels your body, and is realistic for you.
The same goes for workouts - think out your workout rotation ahead of time and do what you can. Don't start with Insanity or something else crazy hard. Don't write down a 60 minute workout if you're struggling to find 30 minutes. You can see results in as little as 25 minutes if you're giving it your all.
If you're consistent with your habits- you're going to see results!
6. (bonus!) I see you're an Alabama fan and I'm an LSU fan. Who do you think is gonna win this season? (don't worry, no hard feelings except on game day!)
Oh goodness - I can't say too much there. My fiance would hate it if I did anything to jinx us. (certainly respect that!)
Thank you so much to Kalee for taking over today! Comments have been disabled. If you'd like to learn more about Kalee and her fitness journey, please visit her site here and say HI!

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