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"I thought you'd be fatter than that" and other left handed compliments

So I'm at my corporate office, minding my own business, headed to pick up some stuff from upstairs when I run into a girl who works in the office but I've never met.

Conversation ensues.

Me: "Hey girl"
Her: "Hey, you're Ace, right?"
Me: "Yeah, that's me."
Her: "Oh. I thought you'd be, like, way fatter than you are."
Me: "..."
Her: "Well, it's just that [insert other coworkers name here] said you're into like, weightlifting and stuff, so I just figured you'd be really fat."
Me: "..."
Her: "I mean, but you're not. You're actually way smaller than I expected."
Me: "..."
[insert long pause here]
Me: "Okay, well I'm gonna go."

I need to know. Is this mentality like, a thing? Like, a girl lifts weights so she must AUTOMATICALLY weigh 403,929,010,198,183 pounds? No. I can honestly say that the more I lift, the smaller I get.

Other left handed compliments (assumptions?) I don't appreciate:

From guys: "Oh wait. You're straight? I mean, I just assumed you'd be gay since you lift weights so much."

"It's nice that you're not as bulky as some other girls that lift weights."

"I'm glad you don't look like Arnold!"

"You're probably manly-er than most guys around here."

"You have real clothes? (as opposed to gym clothes)"

From guys: "You can probably lift more than me, huh?" (If you have to ask, probably. And this is neither attractive nor an effective means of hitting on me)

"I'm glad you're not like, really big, because that's scary."

Stupid people are stupid.

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