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The Thigh Gap

I admire a lot of qualities I see in different people.
A lot.
And I don't mind voicing them.

I'll be the first person to tell someone else, "I love the way your shoulders look!" or "Your honesty is really impressive."
I really believe in recognizing other people's strengths.

Until recently, I didn't know what a "thigh gap" was. But I heard about it.
I heard other girls talking about it: the thigh gap.
"Omg, I wish I had a thigh gap like her!"

And I was like, "wtf is a thigh gap?"

Apparently, according to Urban Dictionary, a thigh gap is a literal gap between a woman's thighs when she stands with her feet together. And apparently women are envious of this because it's supposed to be an indication of whether or not the chick is skinny or fit or whatever.

Even better, society is now telling us that the whole super skinny, super huge thigh gap thing is just that A THING. They're photoshopping their already teeny models to have BIGGER THIGH GAPS.
Photoshop fail courtesy of Target
I mean, really, guys? These are models for Christ's sake. They're already pretty and most of them are already slim. Did you really have to make their thigh gaps even wider to sell your stuff? Probably not. But do you need it to sell a dream to women that they aren't good enough if their legs aren't skinny enough? Yes, you did.

I'm not saying that thigh gaps are evil.  
Everyone is different and some people have wider pelvic bones that result in thighs that naturally don't touch.
But for the rest of us, they touch and that's normal.

Having thighs that touch doesn't mean you're fat or not fit or whatever.
Personally, my thighs have never not touched.
At my skinniest, at my biggest, they've always been best of friends.
They can also do all kinds of things: the least of which is squat a fuckton of weight. Which I'm really proud of.

I'm not going to try to starve myself and thin out my legs so that I can have a damn thigh gap when I'm not built to have one. Just like women who have one shouldn't feel compelled go get quadzilla legs and close theirs up if they don't want them.

Because we're all different and that's not only okay, it's beautiful. Duh.

None of these ladies have thigh gaps. So I'm in pretty good company. Photo credit: crossfit.com

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