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Personal Responsibility

Don't do CrossFit because you're going to get hurt.

What? CrossFit is going to hurt me? 

Since I started CrossFit almost 2 years ago, I've heard this--on average--about twice a week. Also in the "Heard Fairly Often" category:

"What if it pushes you too hard?"
"What if it makes you do things you're not ready to do?"
"What if you can't do it?"

Here's my problem: CrossFit is not a person. It's not a thing that lifts it's infinitely heavy fists and demands that you snatch 205# 700 times for time. It's a damn program. It's a program that's designed to be infinitely scalable for any one at any level of fitness. 

CrossFit doesn't push. 
It doesn't make me do things I'm not ready to do.
It doesn't hurt me.

I DO. 
I have complete control over what I do every time I walk in the box. CrossFit has nothing to do with it. I have a responsibility to myself to keep my body safe and healthy. 

So when I walk to the white board and I see that the prescribed weight for cleans in the workout is 140# and I know that's my 1 rep max...maybe it's not the best idea for me to try to hit my 1 rep max 40 times. So I scale. 
Because if I try to hit my 1 rep max 40 times, the chances of me hurting myself increases exponentially. 

CrossFit doesn't hurt you. You hurt you. Your ego hurts you. 
You walk in and you know 140 is your max, but everyone else is doing it so you decide, "you know what, fuck it. I'm gonna do it, too." 
Comparison is the thief of joy. In CrossFit, comparison is the thief of health. 
You were so busy trying to keep up with everyone and show that you're Billy BadAss, you lost sight of your own personal responsibility to keep yourself safe. 
And now you're sitting at home, 
blaming CrossFit. 

CrossFit can hurt you? 
You can get hurt walking down the sidewalk today. 
You can get hurt crossing the street. 
You can get hurt driving your car. 
You can get hurt drinking too much at an LSU tailgate and then trying to go taunt the visiting team.
But you take extra precautions doing those things so that you can avoid injury. 
Because you have a personal responsibility to protect yourself.
That responsibility doesn't stop when you step in your box. 

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