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I miss you.

Man. I have missed you guys.

I haven't written in a little bit. So long that it's causing my blog friends to email me like, "yo. where the hell are you?" 

This past two weeks has been B-U-S-Y. I'm literally having to schedule time to eat and sleep. But I've MISSED writing. So I guess it's time to get back to it, right?

I love analyzing my life "by the numbers" and when I saw Holly at Hey, Hollywood do it, I thought, "I haven't done that in awhile, so I will, too."

Yes. This is a selfie. This is what happens when you wash your hair and fall asleep on it and don't have time to actually do it. The very little makeup you see on my eyes? That was from the night before. Beyonce, I woke up like this. For real.
124: Days until I move back in with Mama Nancy

330: Time I woke up this morning

4: Number of trashbags I've filled getting rid of things that I just don't need today.

3: Number of times Axl decided to wake me up so that I could pet him.

70: How much Axl weighs and how much weight is sitting on my shoulder at anytime when he decides he's a lapdog.

3: Number of new girls that just became members of my sorority (and I LOVE them).

12,310,010,290: Number of times I have had to do our sorority history step in the past 3 weeks. 

6: Cups (blender bottles) of coffee I've had today. I might have a problem.

5.5: Number of pounds I lost last week.

19: Number of hours of sleep I've had since Sunday.

57: How many texts I've gotten since Monday from Mama Nancy.

21: Length of the last paper I wrote.

2: Number of bruises I gave myself with my jumprope during my last WOD

10: day we're on with our RSCF Photo a Day Instagram challenge. If you don't follow me on IG, you can do that HERE.

1: Shameless plugs for Eat.Pray.WOD social media. See above.

3: Number of interviews I have this weekend (EEK!)

0: Number of ideas I have about what the hell I'm going to wear for these interviews.

6: Number of beers my mama has in her fridge right.this.second, waiting for me after my interviews.

10.5: Number of miles I plan to run this weekend.

34: Number of hours until I see my parents.

3: How many weeks I have left until I can close the books on Spring 2014 semester.

A ZILLION: How excited I am about the above statement.

How are y'all's weeks going? Hopefully less stressful than mine!

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