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5 ways to have the best CrossFit Open experience ever

It's 5 on Friday, although I'm not even sure all this really counts because this week has been so ridiculous for me. I know we just got back from Mardi Gras break, but is it Spring Break already?

Anyway, a lot of y'all have been participating in the CrossFit Open (YAY!) and this year it's been rough. Dave hit us with dreaded doubleunders in 14.1 and then chest to freakin' bar pullups in 14.2. That asshole.

So for those of us participating in this year's Open, here are 5 ways you can make it the best experience ever regardless of skill level.

5. Do it with friends
Because honestly, what's better than doin' it with friends? If your box offers a day/time where everyone can do the Open workout together, do it! I promise, there's nothing better than doing a really shitty workout while surrounded by all your friends. If there isn't a specific time your box does it, invite your friends/family to come watch you while you compete. I swear, there's nothing like it.

4. Take pictures
Have someone take pictures of you while you're competing. Why? So you can see how freakin' awesome you are and so you can see the same awesomeness everyone else sees. Duh.

3. Be silly
Have freakin' fun. Be silly and stupid. Maybe you're going to have a performance that gets you to regionals. Maybe you're just doing this for fun. Either way, have a blast. Personally, I laugh and joke with everyone in between dancing and rapping to whatever's on the box sound system. BECAUSE IT'S FUN. If I try and take myself all seriously and amp myself up, I'll over think it and suck.
Because sometimes, we Tarzan swing on ropes.
On the way back

2. Bring beer for afterwards (or before. Whatever.)
I have managed to get my hands on a beer after both of this year's Open WODs and it's been glorious. Because...beer.
Also, the last time I drank heavily before a WOD, I pr'd Fran. So if that's not scientific evidence that drinking makes you perform better, I don't know what is.

1. Go balls to the wall
When they announced 14.1, I just KNEW I couldn't do double unders. When they announced 14.2, I just KNEW I couldn't do chest to bar pull ups. But I decided to just do them anyway. What's the worst that could happen, right? All I need is ONE REP to qualify for the next week. And both weeks, I exceeded my own expectation. And so will you. I don't care if you "can't" do whatever Dave Castro decides to think up. Get up there and do it. Go balls out. Because all you need is one single rep.
**All photos are courtesy of Mike Buck Photography and his incredible skills behind a camera lens. So thankful that he chooses to spend his Thursday evenings taking pictures of us. #thankgodformikebuck. PS: his work is pretty effing great, so go to his website and check it out. Thanks.
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