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We all need our crazy days

If you knew me now, you'd know I'm pretty straight-laced. 
Wake up, work out, go to work, study, work more, work out, go home, sleep.

But it wasn't always that.
In fact, at the risk of sounding too much like an old honky tonk song, there was a time (back in my prime?) when I could really lay it down. 

We all need a little crazy.
We all need a little...
get in a fight and go to jail,
answer the phones at iHop,
sittin' on a truck tailgate,
have daddy come get you out of a party with a shotgun, 
eat cheetos for breakfast,
can't remember what happened last night,
wake up to text messages asking "WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO?" 
getting drunk on moonshine and callin' your mama,
finding your t-shirt in the front lawn,
winning a beer chugging contest,
dancing on a bar at the Dizzy Rooster,
lose (and then find) your dog,
scream Texas country at the top of your lungs,
and kiss a cute boy while you're two-steppin'
kinda nights.*
*all of these things have happened in the last week to me and/or my friends.

(I would have posted the actual photo of our boots but..uh..it was actually a video and it was awkward.)

and even though I only get to have those nights once in awhile now, I'm pretty thankful I do (and I have the photos in my phone to remember 'em). 

Craziest thing you ever did?

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