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But what if I'm not good enough?

I've gotten asked this question a lot over the course of the past couple of weeks.

Mostly in regards to the Open. Which starts today. And if you haven't signed up, you better go to www.games.crossfit.com and do it. NOW.

"I want to sign up...but what if I'm not good enough?"

I asked myself the same question last year.
I asked Andrew over and over...and over again. 
When I signed up for the Open in 2013, I didn't have pull-ups, much less chest to bar pull ups. I had never done a snatch. I had never completed a 95# clean. I didn't have double unders. I didn't have a muscle up. I could string maybe 2 toes to bar together.

During the open, I didn't hit a chest to bar pull up, but I got a pull up.
I completed 47 snatches. 17 of which were at 75#.
I completed 33 clean and jerks at 95#.
I was able to string together 6 toes to bar. 

I far exceeded my own goals. I attempted--and achieved--far more than I thought I could when I entered my information to participate last year. 

So do I think you should sign up? Yes. I do.
If you've been doing this for 2 days
or 2 weeks,
or 2 months,
or 2 years,
because I think you should get the chance to impress the shit out of you.
I want you to hit the ground running at 3...2...1...GO. 
I want your friends to gather around you and scream at you for the full time cap. 
I want you to be outstanding.
And when it's over, I want you to writhe on the ground and leave it on the floor.
I want you to be im-f*cking-pressed with what you just did.
2010: pre-crossfit (190#), 2013: just before the 2013 open at Battle on the Bayou, 2014: Who needs shorts? (164#)

Because what if you're not good enough?
The more important question here is:
What if you are?

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