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The Very Best CrossFit Athlete

I was a little hesitant to write this post.
I felt like it might be a little too boastful. Maybe too proud.
Hell, I was nervous to write the very next sentence, but here it goes:

The very best CrossFit athlete goes to my box.
The. Very. Best. One. 
And no, I don't go to Rich Froning's box.

The very best CrossFit athlete doesn't have the heaviest clean and jerk, the fastest snatch, the fastest mile time, or  the box max PR for pull ups. She's still working on her muscle up and everyday she finds a new skill to challenge herself.

So then how can she be the best?

Because she shows up to the box every day with a smile on her face and enthusiastically embraces the suck. She's never too tired to cheer someone on and yell out, "PICK THE BAR UP, ACE!" Exactly when I need to hear it. She's happy with the most ridiculously miserable WODs and she manages to grin when she eats it on box jumps. She treats old members and newbies just the same: with a smile and respect. She's an example of what it means to dedicate yourself to something. But she's humble, never boastful, always looking to improve...and help other people improve.

To me, she's the best in the box because before CrossFit was a "thing", it was just a way to make yourself a better person and a way to demonstrate respect for others.
Before the regionals,
the Games, 
the fans,
it was just you, a barbell, and a box. 
And really, it still is.

So it doesn't really matter who can do the most pull ups. Or has the heaviest snatch. Or can walk on their hands for a whole mile. 

It matters that everyday, through the suck, you're becoming a whole better person. Doing the right thing. Not taking shortcuts. Treating yourself and others with respect. Setting goals and achieving them. Laughing. Not taking life too seriously. Learning to survive in the face of adversity.

Because being a talented athlete doesn't make you a good person, but being a good, virtuous person who takes care of other people through your actions makes you the very best CrossFit athlete.

Maybe she can't beat Rich Froning (yet),
but I'm just lucky that the very best CrossFit athlete goes to my gym.

Did I mention that she's also really great at making sure your pants don't fall down during the WOD? Because she is.

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