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CrossFit Open 2-0-1-4

The CrossFit Open is the first step in making it to the CrossFit Games. 
It is also a chance for every single crossfitter to compete against every single crossfitter across the world.
To know where you stand against everyone in the entire world.

None of the things I just said matter to me.

I don't care about how I rank against other people.
I don't care about making it to the Games or not.
In fact, up until yesterday, I didn't even know if I was going to register to compete in the Open.

But I decided last night that I'm going to. 

I know that I haven't been as dedicated to training as I should have been this year. With working, teaching, and graduate school full time...it's been a trying two semesters to say the least. 

But I read Lisbeth Darsh's article about why she's competing in the Open and it changed my mind.

I'm not competing to go to the Games.
Or beat some girl in Finland.

I'm doing it to beat me. The me from last year. The me from this morning who thought she just couldn't run ANOTHER 5K this week. The me from right this second.

This may be the only time the whole year that, like Lisbeth says, I'll know exactly how Rich Froning feels. How Samantha Briggs feels. How Iceland Annie feels. 
Because we're doing the same damn thing.
We'll feel the same pregnant arms and burning quads.
We'll probably all think-at some point-that we can't do another rep.

But we will.
I will.

And I'll impress myself with what I thought I couldn't do.

I'm registering for the Open. Are you?

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