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3 things that CrossFit has taught me

The more I CrossFit, the more things I learn about...uh, CrossFit and life. 

3. Everything's better with friends
Y'all CrossFit sucks.
It hurts.
Your mind is screaming at you like, "WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING? STOP IT RIGHT NOW!"
Your lats, quads, traps, calves, and every other muscle groups burn.
You're paying people (your coaches) to quite literally, torture you. 

But it's better when your friends are there. 
They're there to be in pain next to you. 
To tell you to do "just one more pull up" when you think you can't jump up there again. 
To make you add more weight when you doubt yourself. 
To lay on the floor next to you after and talk about just how much that just sucked. 
To remind you that, if they don't see you tomorrow, they're gonna come get you and beat you up. 
HA. As if you weren't both gonna let CrossFit beat you up tomorrow.
Don't let the scowl fool you. Nick is THRILLED to be flanked by these hot ladies.
2. Dance before a WOD, have a better performance.
I perform better when I don't take my performance so seriously. Of course we want to do well and lift heavy and move fast, but it's important to have fun. I'm pretty notorious for dancing before WODs at competitions and before class. Yeah, I wanna be the best one day...and I wanna have fun while I get there.

So you can catch me, twerkin' my ass off during the 10 seconds before 3...2...1...GO!

1. Are you hurt? Or are you injured?
I am always moving. I've never been the type of person to rest, even when I need to. The number 1 thing I've learned from CrossFit is how to identify when something hurts and when something is injured and...SIT MY ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE. 
I said it before: CrossFit hurts. Workouts hurt. My arms hurt. My legs hurt. My LIFE hurts. But once its over, it's okay. Yes, I'm still sore. My body's still hurting, but I'm not injured.
Unless I am. 
Before CrossFit, I would keep going...right through the injury. And inevitable really screw myself up. Broken back? that's okay. I can still dance on it. Just stupid. 
Rest days suck and I hate them. I spend my entire rest day thinking about how much I want to get back. 

But I have a better understanding about how much rest helps heal my body. Takes away the hurt and the injury. 
Personal responsibility.
Taking care of myself.
Learning to rest.
Because rest is good to rebuild the muscles and get 'dem gains, yo.

What are some things CrossFit has taught you?

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