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Five on Friday: It's almost my birthday!

Five on Friday. Again! Which means we made it through another week. Good job, people!

1. Finals are over
THANK EVERYTHING HOLY. Don't know how I did (yet), but I am really thankful I can finally sleep again. Lack of sleep and excessive caffeine was turning me into a crazy lady.
I may or may not have had 18 20 oz. Diet Cokes to keep myself awake yesterday. 

2. I am almost done with my dental work
Confession: I have a huge dentist phobia. I know, everyone says that, but I mean it. Smelling the dentist's office gives me the shakes. By the time I'm seated in the chair, I'm crying. The last time I had a --CLEANING--I had to be restrained. It's serious.

Which is why I make it a point to avoid it like genital herpes the plague.

I am lucky that CrossFit introduced me to my friend Lacey, who is an incredible dental hygienist and her entire family is totally into teeth. Her daddy is the best dentist I've ever been to. First time I've ever come out of a dental office not crying. And I didn't even cry when he told me I needed 3 root canals AND all of my fillings replaced. 

My last of 3 root canals is scheduled for Monday. YAY!

3. My eyebrows are bruised
I've been getting laser hair removal on my eyebrows and under my arms because I'm lazy I hate shaving/waxing. Only weird thing? My eyebrows bruise. My underarms don't. So I'm walkin' around with super cute bruises above my eyelids. I talked to the laser lady and apparently this is supposed to be super rare and never happen to anyone. Hear that? I'm rare!
I would complain about it...but I've gotten 3 compliments on my "super cute smoky eye make up" so I can deal.

4. Axl's been around for 3 months!
This is called: "you were reading the newspaper and not petting me. I took your newspaper. Now pet me."
I can't even believe this guy has lived with me for 3 months already. He's been the biggest blessing, biggest cuddle bug, and sweetest roommate. 

Things Axl likes: chew bones, muscle ups, taking over the couch, sneaking food, and meeting new people.
Things Axl doesn't like: ceiling fans (still), people that don't smile as they approach us, baths, and hairspray.

5. Randi and Kyle Flowers
Back in junior high, I met a girl named Randi Ritter. We grew up and she got married to a guy named Kyle after high school. Once they moved back to Katy after Kyle got out of the Marine Corps, they opened CrossFit Annihilation and I love going visit them when I'm home. 
Randi and Kyle have been trying for 3 long years to start a family of their own. They have had 3 unsuccessful fertility treatments so far and the next step is In Vitro Fertilization (if you would like to know more about Randi and Kyle's story, please visit Randi's blog HERE). IVF carries a pretty hefty price tag and they've set up a GoFundMe account to help raise the money to have a miracle. 

I don't know anyone who deserves a child more than these two. They're both so caring and wonderful--not just with each other, but with everyone. If you can, please spare just a few dollars to help make their dream come true. It would be the most amazing Christmas gift for the rest of their lives!

That's all I've got. It's my birthday weekend and I'll be in Mobile, AL to see the Pentatonix in CONCERT! I can't wait. So in excitement for that, I'll leave y'all with a little music magic to kick your weekend off right!


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