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5 on Friday: Post Christmas

A week down and we're already past Christmas. 2013 is a freakin' speed demon.

1. I started running
And that shit sucks.
But I need to drop some pounds and I need to do more cardio to incorporate some increased cardiovascular capacity.
I've run just over 2 miles each time so far. I'm praying this shiz gets better from here. Because right now, it just makes me tired as f*ck.

2. I did not want to come back to Baton Rouge.
I love it here, I do. But I did NOT want to come back. I wanted to stay at my mama's house, snuggled up in the couch in my PJ's. The 4 hour trip back to the Red Stick this morning practically killed me.

3. I got some awesome stuff for Christmas...
...including awesome books, clothes, AND a RX jumprope. YAY!

4. My mother is adorable.
Seriously, every time I go home, she gets even MORE adorable. And she doesn't even know it.

Seriously. She's cuter than this.

5. My new year resolution...that I already started
I'm completely anti New Year's resolution mainly because, if I'm going to do something, I want to do it right now. So I actually started in December. It's my goal to save a minimum of $10/day everyday in 2014. Starting the first week of January, I'll include an additional amount for the number week it is (ie: 1st week of 2014, additional $1. 2nd week, additional $2, and so on). I am really excited about it!

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