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Monday Morning Gossip

Y'all already know that my weekends are completely ridiculous. I don't have too much time to play with my friends because I'm always so busy...but when I have time to play and can schedule it, I play HARD.

So two months ago, my friend J tells us that she's gonna be in New Orleans for the weekend of July 20th, we are thrilled. Beyond thrilled. I can't think of a better reason to get drunk than because J is in town. AND THEN Hope tells us she's coming to town, ON THE SAME WEEKEND.

Welp, that just means get out of body drunk. That's normal, right?

Highlights of last weekend (only because I'm having trouble remembering all of last weekend)
-Eating dinner at Evangeline on Decatur. Steak was great.
-I had two fantastic beers, but I can't remember what the hell kind of beer they were.
-J approved of my teaching style. Kids need a little more real.
-Kelly decided I could not teach her future kids. Too bad I'm still their aunt, though.
-Kristen and Carnell showed up to dinner an hour late. This is nothing new.
-We were the loudest ones in the entire restaurant. Also nothing new.
-J has good taste in friends.
-The walk to Bourbon street is far longer and more crowded than I remember.
-I still believe that the Horny Gator from Tropical Isle tastes better than the Hand Grenade.
-We walked. A lot.
-I rejoined the active Twitter world just to be rude and realized I should come back (@_eatpraywod or @petitzydeco2)
-The Trayvon Martin Rally for justice passed through. I appreciated the effort. I think it would have been more well served if half the people marching weren't drinking/visibly drunk.
-We walked. More.
-I wondered what thought process encourages women to walk around with only fishnet tights on.
-I admired J and both of her friends for walking in heels all night. Wondered when I became so lazy.
-Saw Chanae' and my old roommate Chincie. I missed them too much. TOO MUCH.
-Went to the east.
-Stayed up all night and helped my friends break in their new hookah.
-Drove back to Baton Rouge at 9 am
-Went to work, then passed out at 2:30 pm and slept until literally 7 this morning.

I would have more photos, but I'm completely sure that I had trouble using my phone after the first Horny Gator I had.

And I clearly haven't lost my love for GIFs.
How was y'all's weekend?

Sami's Shenanigans

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