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Dealing with The Askhole

We all know that person.
The Askhole.

The Askhole is that person that constantly asks you for your advice or opinions and then blantantly does the opposite of what you said to do.

The face you make when you waste your breath giving your honest and well thought out insight and advice and then The Askhole does the complete opposite:
It sucks, but we all know someone like that.

I am not a health specialist. I don't specialize in nutrition. Like I've said a bazillion times before, I'm just some girl who gained an f*ckton (it's a metric unit) of weight and then didn't want to be fat anymore. So I got rid of it. And it worked. And that's great news.

Naturally, I get a lot of questions about how I lost weight and what I do now. And I LOVE questions. I love to help anyone in anyway I can on their fitness journey (or through life or whatever).

Of course, there is no fitness plan that's going to fit everyone. Some people can eat whatever and stay rail thin.
Other people (like me) think about a cookie and gain 40 lbs.
You just have to try stuff out and figure out what's right for you.

But this is where the Askhole comes in.

They sit you down with whatever problem they're having and beg for your help. They tell you that you're the only one that can possibly help with what they're going through and you just HAVE to. So you do.
You think up some awesome and well planned advice. You are considerate of their feelings and give it to them.


This used to really disappoint me. I seriously used to get upset. I used to get really mad about it and just sit on being mad for a few days. Like, what a waste of time!

Until yesterday. I just gave up being mad. After her pleading with me to help her, I literally spent 45 minutes explaining to a woman about how her diet consisting completely of simple carbohydrates was probably not ideal for her body or health. And when I was finished she said, "well I just love bread and pasta so I'm not going to eat anything else. I just want a pill to make me lose this weight"

Annnnnd I'm done.

I give up. I think I've just taught myself that sometimes, the best thing you can do is tell someone. But you can't force them to listen and you can't force them to do the things that are good for them or that will benefit them if they don't want to.

Just proof: you can lead a person to diet and exercise, but you can't make them do it.

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