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Daddy ain't raise no fool

Father's day!

I am super lucky to have not only a great mama, but an amazing daddy as well. And because today's father's day, it's a good time to celebrate him!

I was like, 8. It was a wedding. I didn't pick my dress. Don't be judgemental.
Dear Daddy Carlos,

I already sent you a card in the mail, but you'll read this before you get it (mainly because I had it ready to go and forgot that I needed stamps. And naturally it took me forever to get them. So the card will be late. Some things never change). Everyday I get older, I am more and more thankful for a dad like you.  

Growing up your daughter has been the best learning experience. You are the biggest believer of learning by doing. How do you figure out you shouldn't touch a hot stove? Touch it.  My whole life, you never ever felt sorry for me. And it used to make me so mad! I would sit there and sulk about problems and life and you'd tell me, "well, quit pouting about it and do something about it." You had so much faith in me to solve my own problems and you taught me to have faith in myself.

Dad and his take!
Thanks for always reminding me that nothing is ever boring, if you are bored than YOU, in fact, are boring. Thank you for teaching me that the grass is not greener on the other side, it's green where you water it and that you are responsible for your own happiness. 

 Thanks for teaching me what a man should be and how a father and a husband should behave. Thank you for always making sure that I know that a real man opens doors, is respectful, and does everything he can do to get where he needs to go. 

Dad and my brother, Carlos III

Thanks for always encouraging me to learn everything I can about everything and read everything I can get my hands on. Thanks for teaching me how important it is to develop personal relationships with people and remember things about them. Thank you for teaching me the importance of working hard and earning what you get. It's a concept lost on so many these days. 

Thanks for being instrumental in teaching me how to be a lady and do the things that ladies do. Thank you, also for making sure I never cut my baby hair and affirming that my curly hair is beautiful. Thank you for teaching me to do a handstand and a one-handed cartwheel. Greatest party tricks ever. 

From left: Daddy Carlos, Tio Leonel, Tio Romeo
Thanks for teaching me to be a tough girl, dig a hole, shoot a hog, throw a punch, skin a snake, cook a stew, grill a steak, and (maybe most importantly) dance. Thank you for not letting me wear makeup until I was 17. Because of you, I still don't wear very much. I save money AND my skin still looks good. Thanks for passing down your awesome eye color even though your eyes get more and more green every year. 

Thanks for making me a strong girl. A girl who is capable of anything and believes in her abilities. Thanks for giving me the strength to have the drive and determination to do whatever it is that I could possibly want to do. Thank you for raising a woman that "no man can handle" ;) Thanks for being such an amazing idol that I have trouble believing that any man could ever live up to you.

Most of all, thank you for being a dad and never my friend. You and mom both always said that you were my parents and that I have enough friends. Thank you for always making the difficult decisions to make me better and for sacrificing whatever you had to for your family. 

I love you con queso.

Baby Girl
From left: Little girl, Dad, Baby Girl

Also, if you're in the Katy area, the Benefit for Randa Sixkiller is happening in LESS THAN ONE WEEK! On June 22, please make sure that you head out with the Sunday Funday crew and eat some grub to fight cancer! Head on out to Texas Borders where a percentage of your food purchase will count toward fundraising efforts.
If you can't make it to Katy, please make sure you head to the Sunday Funday website and purchase a shirt! Purchases of shirts will go to benefit for Randa.

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