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Everybody! Listen up! The thing about: Hate Mail

For every 5 awesome, wonderful, great progress/success stories I get from a reader, I probably get about 1 hate message.

They usually range in topic and my friends and I find them pretty entertaining, if for nothing else than a good laugh.

Sometimes it's from someone I know and it's all, "I liked you better before you lost weight" (you did? I was all self-loathing and depressed. This says more about you than it does me) or "you just think you're the shit because you work out". (uh, I'm not?) Sometimes it's from someone I don't know and it's all "you're obsessed," (I am.) "things like this are why you obviously can't have a good relationship," (I have an awesome relationship with my foam roller and a pull up bar, thanks) or, my personal favorite, "you're a b-word and you're judgemental of people that don't take care of themselves."(You're right. I can be a b-word. It's one of my more endearing qualities. And I just want everyone to be their best selves. Including me. Sue me.)

Dawg. Sorry I'm not sorry.

This blog isn't about you and your haterade drinking self. This blog documents my journey through life. MINE. I'm human, I make mistakes, I survive, I have setbacks, I work hard, I get lazy, I try to help people when and if I can. Whatever. It's my story.

I do this stuff because back in the gap, I got really tired of living my life for other people. So now, I do things that make me happy. Working out and eating good stuff are both things that make me happy. Duh.

If you're one of the people that reads my stuff and is like, "this chick is nuts/obsessed/a b-word/full of shiz" Well, that's life. I hope you're doing a ton of stuff that totes makes you happy.

You're welcome to continue to send me hate mail. Send me a ton! Just know that my friends and I sit down and read it...and laugh about it at your expense. Because we're b-words like that.

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