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Dr. Oz is a quack and other things, too

Day 22 of Jenni's #blogeverydayinMay challenge. 

Rant about something. Get on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel.

Y'all know I love a good rant.

There is a phrase that, when said to me, invokes rage like no other. That phrase is: "well, Dr. Oz said..."

Know who's got two thumbs and doesn't give a shit what Dr. Oz says? This girl.

If I have one more person rave to me about how Dr. Oz says that green coffee bean/garcinia cambogia/raspberry ketones is gonna make 'em lose 20 lbs a month, I might kill myself.

Honestly, people, you cannot possibly be this naive. Maybe it was just me, but my mama taught me that anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is.

What really kills me is: it's the 21st freakin' century. We have all sorts of reputable and reliable resources at our fingertips and no one does any research on this shit to find out what it is, what it's supposed to do, what it actually does, and how it affects your body. Y'all just trust what some quack on TV gets PAID to say. Awesome.

Know what'll make you lose weight? Getting off your ass and exercising. Know what will make you lose more weight? Adjusting your diet and not eating crap.
^^^pin that to your pinboard, folks.

I hate to be ugly, I really do. But it needs to be said. There is no magic pill for being thin or whatever. You're not going to take this green coffee bean extract and wake up 439282709 pounds lighter. You just aren't. Living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise is hard nowadays. If it wasn't, everyone would be a freakin' fitness model.

If you are too lazy to go to the gym and you're relying on some fatburner pill or magical herb pill to melt weight off you, well sugarplum, you'd be wise not to hold your breath waiting to get thin. Those pills can't fight lazy.

Get up.
Do some zumba.
Lift some weights.
Shit, walk up and down your stairs briskly a few times.
Now do that shit everyday. And when it sucks, do it more.
Then, when you get home, eat some meats and veggies.
Get wild with it, add a salad with lemon juice dressing.
And keep doing it.
Magically, the weight comes off.
No pills.
No Dr. Oz.
No magic.

Well looka that, learned some stuff today.
Now don't try to come justify your crazy, magical, weight loss scheme by starting an argument with, "well, Dr. Oz says..." unless you're begging for a bruising.

Kthanks. Rant over.

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