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So. Me and Steph are Crossfit BFFs. 
We're both teachers, we both crossfit.
She lives in Guatemala and I live in Louisiana.
We email pretty much daily and I mail her care packages. Even though I still have to mail one that's been put together for like, a week in my living room. Don't judge.
Me. and Steph. 

Anyway, we basically love crossfit, but we need to eat better. Basically, it's hard to perform like a beast in the box when we eat like crap. AND it's pretty hard to the the results we want, too. 

So we're starting #AceAndSteph's60DayKickassChallenge. 

Basically, whole 30…but for 60. We're gonna keep track of our food intake, our workouts, and our measurements. We're going to measure on day 1 (today) and day 60. EEK.

No sugars.
No dairy.
No processed foods.

Because, in 60 days, we want to look kickass. Steph will be home from Guatemala and I'll still be in Louisiana. But we want to look like Camille. Or at least as close to that as we can get. 

We're probably gonna be b-words for the next few weeks as our bodies detox off of sugar, but hopefully our friends will forgive us and we'll be better for it. Or maybe we'll be b-words with 6 packs. Whatevs.

If anyone has advice/recipes/inspirational words they wanna share…drop it in the comments below!

Happy Monday and happy day 1 of #AceAndSteph's60DayKickAssChallenge!

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