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I am not losing weight. I have no intention of finding it again.

If you've been paying any kind of attention, you know that doing CrossFit has helped me lose weight and get fit and all that.
Which is great news!

But as I got smaller, my clothes began to get too big for me.
Or I was too small for them.


Point is: none of my clothes fit. 

My mama, in all her infinite wisdom, told me I had to get rid of my big ass clothes. She said, and I quote, "if you don't get rid of that shit, you're gonna feel like it's okay to fit back into it. And it isn't okay. Not okay at all." 

She's pretty right.

Plus, when you're a size 8, wearing size 16 pants is not cute. Saggy booty? Ain't nobody got time fo' that.

So I tried to think of ways to get rid of my clothes. But here's the catch: I also had to figure out ways to make money off of them to buy new ones.  I mean, hello, if I get rid of all my clothes what the heck am I gonna wear?

So being the hustla (yes, hustla) that I am, I started searching for ways I could make money off my clothes.

I went to Plato's closet, but they were too subjective. Even though I had plenty of new stuff that had tags, was in perfect condition and is in style/will be in style, if the salesgirl didn't see herself wearing it (she had a more gothic/edgy style-I'm a little more traditional. Just kidding. A lot more traditional), she tossed it back. TOUGH!

I tried some eBay stuff and found some success with my more name brand items. My 7 jeans and designer jewelry went without a problem. But my other not name brand or less well known designer items, not so much. So I'm still stuck with clothes!

AND THEN! I ran into a friend of mine (Rita Queen!) at my favorite store: Wal-Mart

She and her roomie told me about PoshMark, an online fashion community where you can post your clothes for sale OR trade clothes with people! And you can bargain to get a price that you and your buyer will be happy with. You post your item directly from your phone and it goes up for sale immediately!

Everything you post goes in your "closet" and is stored there for your followers to browse! 

Please feel free to browse my closet and leave me a message on my item if you're interested! I'll be updating everyday adding a few items here and there. As of right now, nothing is over $20 in my closet!

Start shopping!

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