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Helping A Fellow CrossFitter In Need

Everyone knows how much I love my box and my boxmates. Love them more than life, actually. 

One of my most favoritest ones is Dustin T. He is really great. Everyday, no matter what kind of day he's had, he greets me with a smile, a hug, a punch in the arm, a funny one-liner. He was one of the first people to welcome me at RSCF with a big smile and a dirty joke ;) He is one of my favorite parts of RSCF. 
Everybody loves Captain America!
What a lot of people don't know is that Dustin is not only a member of our RSCF family, but also an incredible veteran. He was involved in an accident in 2010 and required major reconstructive surgery on his face which left him with metal plates implanted in the right side of his face. Since 2010, his jaw has shifted and now another surgery is needed to update the reconstruction. He's a student and currently doesn't have the funds needed to have this very necessary surgery.  

He would never ask me to post or share this, but this guy really lights up any room he's in and I can't think of anyone more deserving. Everyday, he overcomes an amazing amount of physical difficulties to be the best athlete he can be and inspire others at our box all while keeping a smile on his face. 

Please visit Dustin's page and, if you can, donate just a few dollars to help him get the treatment he needs and deserves. 

If we all pitch in, even just $1, we could make this happen, guys!

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